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New Gen BioPBS Coated Cup: Recyclable & Home Compostable cup

Develop a new generation BioPBS coated cup which easily compost at home and recycle paper cup process.

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Coated paper cup by BioPBS which bio-based & biodegradable could be compostable at home and recyclable.

Company / Organization Name (if applicable)

PTT MCC Biochem Company Limited

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BioPBS coated paper is quite similar to conventional coating both appearance and functional properties but BioPBS coated cup can be repulping or easy compostable at home.

BioPBS is produced from significant partially renewable resources such as corn, which could potentially move to non-food feedstock in the future.  BioPBS has both industrial compostable and home compostable grades, but the current grade used for paper coating is only industrial compostable.  By balancing the properties of heat resistance and compostability, we could achieve home compostable paper cup.

BioPBS also has another unique characteristic.  Even though it has good adhesion to paper and can hold water without any problem, BioPBS can be easily separated from paper when soaking under water without damaging paper pulp.  Paper pulp can be recycled to produce new paper again.

This cup can have several end-of-life options:

1.     recycle paper for new paper and let film compost

2.     home compostable the whole cup by using backyard compost

3.     In case of leak to environment, it will degrade eventually in limited of time. 

Concept conclusion is : a new gen BioPBS coated cup is designed to be home compostable and could be recyclable for paper cup and improving to having higher bio-content which is development scope for Next Gen Cup Challenge

This solution addresses which of the following:

  • Hot / Cold Fiber Cup
  • Cup Liner

How is your concept recoverable?

Current coated paper cup is made of polyethylene (LDPE) liner. LDPE is not compostable. When LDPE-coated paper cup leaks to environment, the paper part can be compostable while LDPE cannot. This will leave LDPE film in the environment. Moreover, LDPE-coated paper is not easily recyclable. When trying to separate LDPE from coated paper, it can damage fiber pulp which results in poor fiber to be used in paper production. This proposing concept can solve both problems. BioPBS-coated paper cups can be home compostable which leaves nothing to the environment. If cups are collected for recycling, it can be easily separated from paper without damaging paper pulp too much. Paper pulp still have good properties to blend with new fiber for next paper production.

How have you incorporated additional sustainability attributes (beyond recoverability) into your solution?

Our BioPBS made from renewable carbon material which mean we are not bringing up more CO2 into atmosphere while plastic made from petroleum where CO2 from the ground is brought up, contributing to CLIMATE CHANGE. Also with our BioPBS to finish product, then decomposes by ending up to water and carbon dioxide by microorganism in soil and go back to nature, having said that BioPBS is solution for circular economy

What regions do you plan to address with your solution (and how will you accomplish this)?

BioPBS can be used with current extrusion coating machine and can be applied to all coated paper packaging (cup, tray, and box). Having said that BioPBS-coated paper has recoverability and home composability could be applied as global solution and scale to whom need to make a sustainable future. We have the distributor located for all region to serve all customer globally.

Describe your target market. Who will benefit from your product?

Target for all coated paper packaging. We have commercialize Industrial compostability BioPBS which recyclable in paper mill. From this point, we explore to develop home-compostable grade which could be recyclable in paper mill to benefit with 3 points. 1st, BioPBS is partially bio-based material which have advantage over petroleum-based to reduce dependency on limited fossil resources & greenhouse gas emissions in quickly warming world. 2nd, recyclable, then reduce energy & waste from fiber preparation. 3rd, minimize waste by composting easily at home or if leakage it can biodegrade in non-controlled environment. Its biodegradability is much better than conventional and other bio-plastics.

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Prototyping

What are the biggest challenges you are facing today? What are existing gaps in your solution?

• People awareness/knowledge of Industrial compostable packaging or home compostable packaging • Collecting and waste management system efficiency to handling used cup to recycle. • Scale up for repulping of the used cup. • Global Brand to support the investment/acceptance of bio-solution.

Mentorship Needs (please select up to 3)

  • Sustainability and Recoverability
  • Waste and Infrastructure
  • Growth and Scaling

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

PTTMCC is market leader in BioPBS & biggest bio-based PBS plant in the world.Since 2015, we dedicated to learn & support bio-industry and implementing BioPBS as a solution and we are supplying our solution into market for wide range application.

In what city are you located?

Have an operating BioPBS plant at Rayong

In what country are you located?


What is your legal / organizational structure? (if applicable)

PTTMCC is company limited structure by Thai Corporate registration Law.

Please describe how becoming a Top Idea will support the growth of your concept.

Home compostable BioPBS coated paper could be perfect solution for circular economy based on “recycle or home compostable. Award is not main purpose but to full-scale up & get brand recognition to sustain bio-industry with brand as Starbuck & McDonald who leader and looking for sustainable growth as front-runner and leader for others to follow. Funding, plan to utilize to development home-compostable cold cup and education in campus about compostable/recyclable plastic in efficient way

How did you hear about the Challenge?

  • In the news


Team member from PTTMCC who BioPBS resin producer and from Mitsubishi Chemical USA for sales and distribution channel in US market. Mr.Fabien, Vice President sales & marketing, Dr.Chinnawat Marketing Technical Service Mgr, Thanwa and Rawin from Sales Division, Katedao and Abeedin from marketing. Katherine BioPBS Business Development for U.S. market, member from MCPP USA.

Material / Recoverability Plan

Material is BioPBS bioplastic, it is derived partly from renewable material resources, which are using CO2 from the air and could dramatically reduce carbon footprint, by not extracting additional CO2 from the ground. BioPBS is used as the liner or coating on the inside of the paper cup. BioPBS has both industrial compostable and home compostable grades, but the current grade used for paper coating is only industrial compostable and recyclable (proven by WMU, PTS, BPI, Cedar Grove and TUV from Austria). By balancing the properties of heat resistance and composability, the new generation of BioPBS could achieve a recyclable and home / industrial compostable paper cup. To demonstrate the cup recyclability on a larger scale, we could partner with different companies in the supply chain, working to prove together that the BioPBS coated cup could be recycled and turned into new cups with the liner composted in an open aired landfill or industrial composting facility leaving no heavy metal or toxicity to the environment.


Currently BioPBS is produced from imported Bio-succinic acid (BSA), sourcing from a trusted supplier who conforms to Universal Declaration of Human rights. BSA also produce in a safe and heathy way for workers and surrounding communities and derived from renewable biomass whose production is sustainably managed and does not adversely impact food security and affordability and maintains or improves social and economic conditions along with ecosystem services in producing communities. Also BSA sourced does not result in destruction of critical ecosystems, loss of High Conservation Value (HVC) habitats or deforestation. Our long-term sourcing plan is to develop a new Bio monomer supplier the increase the bio-content of BioPBS. We also have a plan to source raw material locally in Thailand as this is our production location and one of the largest sugarcane producing country. We also plan to increase capacity or build a new plant to nearby markets or feedstock location to reduce transportation cost and carbon footprint. Additional target could be switching from corn or sugarcane to bagasse to reduce impact of food security issue. For unforeseen negative externalities, bioplastics always face questions around food security with never ending criticism from non-bio-business (use of agricultural ground, competition with human food etc.). Our mitigation plan done by selecting legally and a trusted source as what mentioned above.

Final Prototype

Diagram is representing our concept that New Gen BioPBS coated cup is sustainable in the way that it can be repulpable and home compostable which follow the closed loop's approach to resource recovery and waste management. Collection bin system is applied to separate the right BioPBS cup into the right waste steam for either recycle or composting depending on available infrastructures at individual location.


The coating material of our New Gen BioPBS coated paper cup is a biodegradable plastic. In combination with paper, it will meet the existing performance of current paper cups in term of adhesion to paper, heat seal properties, and water barrier. It is also listed in U.S. FCN and complied to EU 10/2011 to guarantee the safety of consumers for cold and hot drinks. In addition to the current performance, the whole cup can be recycled using its fiber to create new cups. Otherwise, it can be home compostable and becomes biomass without requiring additional composting facility, which certified by third party for all performance.

Ecosystem Placement

Our solution to create recyclable and home compostable paper cups can also be applied to paper boxes/food trays. BioPBS can be run on an existing machinery so no new investment is required. Straws and cutlery are also possible applications to benefit from our solution We foresee our solution as versatile waste management, which could apply into two key area: 1. The brand can choose to have either recyclable or compostable solution depending on which end of life brings the most value to their business model. 2. Waste management is different in each part of the world so our solution can offer the most options in end-of-life and collection from recycling to industrial composting to home composting. This will reduce waste leaking into the environment.

Rollout Plan

Go-to-market strategy: 1. Define target market: food service industry starting from Global brands (Starbucks, McDonald, Yum, KFC etc.) until local retailers 2. Determine the buyer: Global and local brands' value chain (paper coater) 3. Value proposition: 3.1 Customer:  Wants: To become market leader in green business and being a part of global waste reduction  Needs: To secure business with their existing brand which has green product demand  Fears: Cost efficiency compare to their existing product  Substitutes: Other bioplastic or reusable cup 3.2 Product:  Benefits: BioPBS made from natural resources, which can fulfill customer's wants.  Features: BioPBS can be recyclable and compostable at home.  Experience: Feeling responsible to planet from using eco-friendly product 4. Pricing strategy: Combination of customer value-based and cost-based pricing which can improve with scale over time. 5. Address marketing & promotion: Provide support with technical advisor and communication channel. 6. Devise the channel strategy: Using our existing distribution channel globally

Business Model Canvas

Please see our business model canvas as photo attached

Prize Funding

Closed loop system showcase by: 1.Recyclable proven: sponsoring New Gen BioPBS coated cup with communication tools on the cup to communicate to user to global sport event ex. Boston Marathon which easy to demonstrate closed loop's approach and create repulping partnership with Sustana and three supply chain partners(coffee chain,paper maker(Westrock), cup former (Seda) 2.Home compostable proven: marketing campaign with selected coffee chain to provide home compostable equipment & communication

NextGen Accelerator

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Photo of Billy Chen

You had mentioned BioBPS for paper coating grade now were only industrial compostable.
But you also says in your article several times that the coated paper are home compostable.
Is it now already achieved home compostable or it will happen in the near future??

Photo of Katedao Chavalitdamrong

Home Compostable version is in process to get certification and expect to be happen and launch in near future...

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