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World's First Eco Friendly Pocket Sized Cup: reusable, recyclable, compact (1 oz), easy to clean, plastic free, non-toxic, microwave safe.

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To completely eliminate the usage of a single use paper or plastic cup that possesses a potential hazard to the environment and the health of the user.

Company / Organization Name (if applicable)

Tech New Logica LLC

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Our goal is to eliminate non recyclable paper cups which contaminate the environment. Cupple is based on our patented technology, the first and the only cup that is reusable, compact, nontoxic, 100% recyclable, easy to clean and of course sustainable.

The cup consists of a flexible insulating waterproof body made of high quality food grade silicone rubber and a sleeve made from 100% recycled paper.

Cupple is reusable, super compact, plastic free, nontoxic, 100% recyclable, microwave and dishwasher safe, hygienic and hypoallergenic with no open pores to harbor bacteria, easy to clean, and weighs only 1 oz! 

The insert can be used with its own or off the shelf sleeve. You can also choose to line most 12 oz cups or mugs with it, while using a sleeve will provide extra thermal insulation to protect your hands if needed.

Not only can you use Cupple for your daily coffee needs and get discounts in participating stores for bringing a reusable cup but, you can also take it outdoors as a lightweight and portable cup for your backpacking, hiking, biking, kayaking and camping adventures where weight is important.

After thorough testing and exposure to boiling water, freezing and microwaving, it turned out that the design is very robust. We believe it is truly the world's first pocket sized eco friendly cup on the market!

This solution addresses which of the following:

  • Hot / Cold Fiber Cup
  • Cup Sleeve
  • Cup Liner
  • Reusable System

How is your concept recoverable?

We replaced the liner with an insert, so the waterproof layer is no longer fused together with the frame. Therefore, both of the frame and the insert are easily recoverable, e.g., recyclable or compostable.

How have you incorporated additional sustainability attributes (beyond recoverability) into your solution?

The insert is 100% plastic free and made of non-toxic FDA approved material. The sleeve is made of 100% recycled paper. There is no need for virgin paper because it does not come in direct contact with the content.

What regions do you plan to address with your solution (and how will you accomplish this)?

We will start with the US market, then outreach to Europe and ultimately to Asia because the majority of pollution comes from this continent. We target the global market and everyone who cares about the environment.

Describe your target market. Who will benefit from your product?

We used the Facebook marketing data, and we believe the sizes of three targeted audiences by behavior are the following for USA: 1. Green living – 30 million 2. Coffee lovers – 44 million 3. Outdoor enthusiasts – 38 million Overall potential reach is 66 million customers in USA, and the intersection of these behaviors is 13 million potential US buyers.

What is the current stage of development of your idea?

  • Piloting

What are the biggest challenges you are facing today? What are existing gaps in your solution?

The biggest challenge we have is the route to market for this innovation and creating brand and product awareness. The existing gap, there is no synergy between the coffee shops and coffee drinkers. We believe Cupple can bridge this relationship and make it work! In the future, the consumer will need to bring the pocket sized insert and the store will provide the sleeve. With Cupple, everyone will be able to be eco-friendly.

Mentorship Needs (please select up to 3)

  • Branding / Marketing and Storytelling
  • Growth and Scaling

Tell us about yourself and your team. What is your background and experience?

We are a team of PhDs with 30+ years of total experience in STEM disciplines including physics, engineering, material science and additive manufacturing. We have a proven track record of peer reviewed publications and patented technologies.

In what city are you located?

Eastvale, CA

In what country are you located?


What is your legal / organizational structure? (if applicable)


Please describe how becoming a Top Idea will support the growth of your concept.

To become the top idea will help us to spread the word and deliver the message to the public. We have a very limited network of connections. The funding will help us to run a large scale manufacturing with an advanced method, product improvement, and marketing. Our goal is to have our own office and R&D facility by the end of the second year, manufacturing facility by the end of the third year. It will help us to have constant improvement and reduce Cupple manufacturing cost to less than $1.

How did you hear about the Challenge?

  • Direct email invitation


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