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Beverage Container

A stationary fin mixing system that is a time saver for staff as well as on the go mixing

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easy swirl

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Allows user to mix on the go or in a reusable cup

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easy swirl

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Easy swirl stationary fin technology can be manufactured into any beverage container making it easier for servers to mix drinks and consumers to mix and remix their beverages. The design of the fin came after many failures but is perfect for mixing and not creating foam. As one swirls, the liquid is mixed in an efficient manner and allows user to re-mix at any point. The holes in the fin tame foam and bubbles as liquid passes through them. While we realize this is not the end all of your search, this combined with a given fiber can eliminate stir sticks and make preparation time shorter.

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  • Prototyping

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Washoe Valley, NV.

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I want to bring this idea to market in a usable form

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