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The Safe Delivery App

A mobile health solution that empowers skilled birth attendants to provide a safer birth for mothers and babies everywhere.

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The Safe Delivery App

An innovative mobile health solution using animated instruction films to train and instruct birth attendants to improve their skills and performance. 

Developed by Maternity Foundation, Denmark, in collaboration with leading scientists from University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark.  

Background - Why was this app developed?

Skilled birth attendants are crucial to survival of mother and newborn.

Problem Identified - In sub saharan Africa there is a lack of skilled birth attendants, especially in remote areas.

Solution -  Use mobile health to reach birth attendants who lack skills to educate, and update skill sets.

   Obstacles that this app overcomes in regards to education.

  • Outreach gap of traditional classroom learning
  • Language barriers - The app is in English and the local language.            The App has been adapted and translated into a number of country-specific versions, including French, Lao, Burmese, Hindi, Ethiopian and English, 2017. 
  • Low literacy - The app is a visual and audio tool.

The app provides skilled birth attendants with direct and instant access to evidence-based and WHO up-to-date clinical guidelines on Basic Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care.

How the app is used:

  • A training tool for students. 
  • A continuing education tool for medical providers.
  • To equip skilled birth attendants, even in the most remote locations, with a powerful, simple to use, on-the-job reference tool.  

Components of the Safe Delivery App

10 simple and intuitive Instruction Films on how to provide interventions during a delivery.

Push messages with quiz questions, a tool to continually refresh knowledge.

Access to essential Information:

  • Drug Lists
  • Practical Procedure Lists 


Testing: The app has been tested in a randomized control trial in Ethiopia and Ghana.

Result: Knowledge level and skiillset of healthworkers using the app more than doubled in 12 months time.

Findings also indicate that the app helps boost the professional authority of the health workers in the eyes of their communities, and increase the recognition and trust from their communities.

Testing across different settings continues in order to inform roll out for maximal impact.

Case Report: Randomized Control Trial in Ethiopia


Sources and further information  

Maternal Foundation, Denmark

Case Reports from Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya

Testimonials from the Field - How are lecturers using the app to teach students, and for their own educational purposes?

Merck For Mothers, Digital Innovation  

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

Under-resourced - The app supports the under-resourced mom through improving the quality of care that she and her newborn baby has access to in her local community. The Health Care Provider and the Health Care System- The app supports skilled birth attendants anymore with access to a visual and simple, easy to use tool at work. It also supports the healthcare system as it can be used by lecturers to teach students, and as a tool to provide continuing professional education.

Tell us about yourself:

Pediatrician - experience working in diverse multicultural urban communities, in NYC. I am interested in social innovation and design thinking. I mentor for Design For America, NYU student club.

Are you currently an employee of Sutter Health or UCB Pharmaceuticals?

  • No


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