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The right to maternal health services

improve maternal health services to reduce risks of morbidity and mortality to born infants

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You can freely visit a doctor or a nurse to receive the full range of understandable advice about your health and other health services that are available and legal in your country. For a long time attending routinely antenatal care services for inmate pregnant women has become an issue. The environment to cope with laws, policies and regulations limits freedom of expression and right to acquire for timely and quality maternal health services. This trend coincides with higher HIV testing, STI infections that is done at first visit whereby contribute to very low ARV prophylaxis uptake, early diagnosis treatment, routinely VAC  uptake for mothers and infants in the postpartum period.

Since we need the new expected born and their mothers to remain safe and healthy mobile maternal services should be conducted timely to reduce risks of morbidity and mortality to born infants.

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inadequate infrastructure of health system in general to cope with jailed pregnant women who are limited with regulations & laws to have timely quality maternal health services.

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In coordination with country government and private health institutes, relevant NGO’s, Funding Agencies, Faith Based Organizations seek to establish and activate mobile health services to reach the needy inmate pregnant women with quality and timely services. Engagement of policy decision makers, Prison’s governing bodies and other commission will entertained to inspire for integration and to reinstate the situation.

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NGO -Secretary Community Social Worker (volunteer) TRAINER - Sexual Reproductive Health

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Hi Ommy!

What services are available to women in jail?

Is there any chance you could find an image to go along with it? Images help grab attention and tell a story. You should be able to use the Edit Contribution button on the top of your post and follow the instructions to add images from there. Looking forward to seeing more of your inspiring insights on OpenIDEO.

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Hi! Kate, I have been out of editorial desk for few days this was due to unavoidable commitments. However come to your question. I would rather like to inform you that various countries addresses their ministerial or departmental budgets indicating free, accessible and quality medication and treatment as well as accommodation in form of clothing, bedding, nitrous food services which are to be found in many prisons. Whereas these services are not well prioritised and funded at institutional (prisons/jails) level accordingly, despite the fact that they play critical catalytic role in ensuring healthy living of prison people.
To the extent of provisional on providing these services in these institutions finds very difficult to understand as there are number of questions that need to be answered like ;- Is there a service available offering HIV/STI testing and treatment? Does it give judgemental service to pregnant women without discrimination? Does it have skilled staffs who respect women’s rights? Does the services linked to the health service providing centres? It functioning in terms of equipment, medicines and laboratory testing? Existing buildings are in compliance with disease infection control?
After carefully studying the answers of these few questions and make an ordinary short visit to these institutions you can see the reality respond that the nation, state or city governments today offer and implement for inmate health services in sense of human rights universal declaration. Tracking for the solution this could make a guideline start on our journey to create a culture of attaining human rights in country prisons or jails.