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Rate, curate and share stuff to do

Knowing what things you can do with your kids, and at what cost, can help improve new life, and parental health.

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In The Netherlands, there's a lot of info available on things to do with your kids. One example is Museumkids, a website by the association of museums, showing what's available in museums. Kids can even send their "inspection report" to improve the info.

Another example is Kidsproof, a website curated by parents, combining all sorts of things to do, clubs, places to eat and so on, in a specific city or region.

There are several others like this. Several cities and municipalities also have information available, both online and offline.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Where do you find information that keeps you from isolation? What would you be looking for? Would you need nudging to not only find info, but actually take your kids and go out to do something, join a club, have lunch?

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

Well, this is about enabling parents to make the most of their parenting. Social isolation is, apparently, a topic that concerns the community here. Knowing about events that can help parents meet other parents, and kids meet other kids, is very helpful. Especially when it also shows which things are low or no budget, or subsidised in any way.

Tell us about yourself:

Dad of 2. Recovering expat, rediscovering my own country. Together with the kids.

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Hi Arjan!

Another great post!

How did you find out about these sites? Are there any other gaps in the market?

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Hi Kate, thanks! I found the sites when I was looking for stuff to do with the kids online. There are several more, and I haven't researched them all, but there are several gaps in the market, I think. At least here in The Netherlands. The gaps I see when I just glance over the 'landscape' are geographical coverage, curation style, focus on dads, more practical tips. Also, I think there could be a gap in combining this, with really building a community (online and offline, from global to hyper-local) where people can also find support.