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orgasmic birth

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Orgasmic Birth can literally be an orgasm during birth – a “birthgasm,” which is real for a small percentage of women. Take Shiraz  Ariel  Drori, who writes in her birth story “Orgasm, A Tool for  Birth” for Pain to Power Online Childbirth Class, “I was finally alone with myself and I started to  imagine all the things I know can turn me on in a sexual way and soon after that I started to masturbate in order to achieve orgasm. I managed to do that in about 20 minutes and I had a  very nice orgasm. Once I reached it, contractions started to kick in one after another, getting stronger each time.”

This is no surprise when you hear what Ann Douglas and John R. Sussman, M.D., authors of the book; The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby wrote, “A single orgasm is thought to be 22 times as relaxing as the average tranquilizer. When you add to this the fact that the average vagina widens 2″ during sexual arousal, it only makes sense to fantasize, masturbate or make love in labor.”

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to transform the age old belief that giving birth is mostly painfull ... into the possibility that a child can leave its mothers womb without her having to suffer ... it will most probably benefit both newborn and mother

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i do not really bother to read into your use cases and personas ... but i believe this topic deserves a greater audience

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i am interested in all kinds of topics, i am writing a lot, dancing, sining ... most recently i wrote an extensive novel like textline

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Thank you so much for adding my story to your article ! ♥ Shiraz Ariel