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Mommy Monitor

A social enterprise developing a mobile health app for use by pregnant women living in Canada with “culturally competent” health technology

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'Mommy Monitor, the smartphone app asks pregnant women and new mothers to record key data about their lives – sleep, diet, exercise – and uses a specially designed algorithm to spot problematic patterns. The app also connects users to patient navigators – employees who are equipped to answer questions, offer guidance and refer users to a physician, if necessary.'

'Mommy Monitor seeks to be a “culturally competent” health technology. The goal is to build a diverse team of assistants who can act as bridge between the app’s users and their doctors, who may not be educated in different cultural practices surrounding child birth.'

'“We would like to develop this as a certificate program,” says Amoako. “The [assistants] will be trained with the doula method in addition to maternal health and patient navigation skills, as well as some stuff around mental health because of postpartum depression.”'

Studies show immigrant women in particular tend to have more difficulty navigating Canada’s health-care system and often don’t have access to the support networks available to women born in Canada.'

Source: University of Toronto

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How might we create solutions that support pregnant moms but remain culturally sensitive and tailored to their needs?

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

This applies to the Under Resourced Mom because this service enables immigrant moms to access the healthcare system in Canada. It also applies to 'The Healthcare Provider' because this service is making The Healthcare Providers aware of cultural practices surrounding birth for the mothers and it is giving them useful health data on the mothers.

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I am a Community Manager for this challenge.

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Hi Bettina---I can definitely answer that question for you! Just to clarify the "assistant" is a patient navigator that we call a Maternal Mentor--this is a lay woman that is trained using the curriculum we have developed, with emphasis on education concerning cultural sensitivity, prenatal/postnatal education, Indigenous Doula training, and mental health training. This Maternal Mentor will work in conjunction with the app, by assisting in case management and connecting the mothers with "care packages" that consist of programs and services that can be accessed that will enhance the pregnancy experience and outcomes of the women. The doctors would receive the information by requesting it (then they could receive the cultural competency analysis (3-4 top points about the patient culturally they should be aware of) or any other data of relevance). The Maternal Mentors also act as peer mentors, and support the women with bi-weekly or weekly phone calls or in person meetings or texts (whatever they are comfortable with) to educate and support the women they work with. What is very important is the woman have the opportunity to choose their maternal mentors after registration, so that they can be women of similar cultural backgrounds or generally women they would feel more comfortable with. If you would like more information or have any other questions, you can email me at Thanks!

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iHi Elsie!

The ideas phase of this challenge is now open -

It would be great to see Mommy Monitor in the ideas phase.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me on

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