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Kits for new mothers from low-income households

State government of Telangana issues a kit with essentials for a new born, to mothers from low-income households

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Usually, new mothers from relatively low-income households would miss work by taking maternal leave. Often they wouldn't be paid for the time off. The government of Telangana, a newly formed state in India launched an initiative to support the mothers with a Kit, called "KCR Kit" named after the Chief Minister KCR. It contains all the essentials needed for the new born. It would relieve the stress from the mother, reduce the economic burden and educate mothers with the care to be taken.

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How governments can involve and improve maternal health care, especially for those from the lower income groups.

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Case 1 : Under resourced mom

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I'm a UX designer , and wannabe industrial designer. I have worked on various applications related to healthcare, automotives and education . Further I want to build products that shape our future.

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Hi Manoj!

It is great to have you in the challenge and find out about the kits for new moms in Telangana.

It would be interesting to compare and contrast these kits with the Finnish Baby Box Program 

Are the expectant dads accounted for in the kits? Could there be additional resources for them as well?

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Hi Kate,
No the expectant dads are not accounted for the kits. Mostly the benefits tend to reach women directly because men from these households are mostly irresponsible and contribute less to the family welfare. So there are couple of other schemes directed towards working women, new mothers and widows.


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Yes, infact I was surprised to see the Finnish baby box serving the similar purpose. However, the needs in India are different to that of Finland. Few major differences I observed are
1. Mosquito net for babies ( KCR Kit ) , which is a must as most of the neighborhoods are affected by many mosquito borne diseases.
2. Crib - which is expensive is not included.

I'm surprised to see Johnson and Johnson, products which are expensive. Rather there are other brands which are relatively less expensive. ( Chicco, Himalaya etc )