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Impossibility As The First Conception Of First Love

No mom is satisfied missing first love's baby -and babies getting something missed though many babies who missed mother breast became famous

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The God is coming as a human being -searching all the wombs but getting no space to born. He won't be a product of second love. He will come in a womb that He will get a Mom who hadn't any love or sex with anyone other than His own father. 

All girls are to welcome Him as a baby in their wombs. But child marriage is restricted and no girl can keep herself unscrewed till legally get matured to marry. As a result they have to have unwanted conception and detoxification too. Even if they get sex with their desired first beloved,  they can't have baby because of the society. This great repent causes the girls missing something which becomes a claw in the growing up of their babies' lives. All babies are missing something -complete love of a completely satisfied Mom. Complete satisfaction of parents of the conception of first love, and the product of first love could give a best new life.

From the first day of puberty Nishi -a 5-year girl had the willingness, and the sense to be and to remain good. But within two years she started to count the time to die and born again. The abandoned men caused her to lap and so on.... If she had the freedom she could step forward to choosing her desired partner with mutual consent. But she is now a dupe of licentious males who with stronger strength after being failed to get her love killed her freedom. And the result is unwanted conception and detoxification. She starts to feel herself failure. Even if she had first sex with her first beloved, she couldn't get the baby. This unsatisfactory mind leads her a life she feels metaphysical object rather than passionated human being. Her imagined baby will not born in her womb. She will feel shy to feed breast whom she gets after missing her first imagined baby. 

Many famous persons including many leaders,  philanthropists, scholars and so called prophets too became famous without having breast feeding by their mothers. 

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Almost all mothers are missing something and all babies are bearing impact. Instead of saturated mind with satisfaction, they feel a claw of detoxification. This repent keeps impressions on the offsprings. The opposite, they could have satisfaction saturated mind without the shadow of gratuitous persons. Women's volitions in becoming Mom could be respected.

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

This can work for prevention of chronic diseases of the Moms. It pertains to the use case 'The Mother Suffering from Chronic Diseases'. Moms will feel that their wills are respected and they are remorseless. The motto of the story is to inspire the desired conception from desired love, and discourage any forceful sex, undesired conception and detoxification.

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We must remain in OpenIDEO platform and accessing another challenges hoping that one can make changes, do you believe that?

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Different persons may have different objectives. Dear, Japhet, presently, as I'm alone working individually, it seems plausible that I fail to win all the challenges. I can't set my objective as that to win a challenge. I would get more pleasure if I can continue to work with my already exposed ideas to bring changes through implementation. However, I'll never mind to stay in the platform if I see any opportunity to share my views, and to work in a team.
I wish your success in the platform.
Thank you

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Do not say you are alone remember that you are in the OpenIDEO community, that have many experts they maybe can refine your idea or put inputs to your ideas. Have you completed the Human Centered Design course?

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Dear Japhet,
I'm alone here; in addition to my personal research work, I share my views in the community with the hope if my ideas have any behoof. Winning the challenge is not my first objective. However, I feel encouraged after having your letter, because your comments, comments from community - opinions, recommendations may help my ideas be corrected and be implemented. I must express my gratitude to you, and to the community wherein, I believe, we have many things to learn.

You wrote about Human Centered Design Course. Know that I didn't take the course. I'm looking forward to knowing from you.
Thank you.

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