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Examples of conflicting advice pregnant and new moms have received from health care professionals

How might we ensure pregnant mothers receive consistent advice? HMW ensure health care providers are aware of the advice given by others?

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'One in five new mums claim they have received conflicting advice from their GP and midwife about what to expect in their 6-week postnatal check, with nearly half saying the check overall was not thorough enough.'

Source: BFJM

Below are some examples of conflicting advice I have found online:

'I am getting totally different advice and suggestions from GP and midwives. Midwife says my baby graining too much weight and i have to cut back some feeds. GP says feed whatever baby wants. I have no idea what to do.'

Source: BabyCentre

'I just don't know what to think, my OBGYN doesn't want me to gain weight and thinks my daughter measuring 2-3 weeks ahead is normal, and a good sign, but that GD [Gestational Diabetes] might be the only thing I have to worry about. My GP thinks that I should gain weight and that my baby measuring a few weeks ahead is a bad thing.'

Source: BabyCentre

'It was nearly 10 years ago when I had my first child, put her to the breast and discovered it wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. I asked 12 midwives for advice. They all gave me wildly conflicting suggestions.'

Source: Guardian

Have you received some conflicting advice during pregnancy? How did this make you feel?

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How might we ensure pregnant mothers receive consistent advice? How might we ensure health care providers are aware of the advice given by other health care professionals? How might we provide a platform for pregnant mothers to be able to query advice and be supported in making the right decisions for themselves without judgement?

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

This relates to the Under-Resourced Mom and the Mother Suffering from Chronic Disease who may receive conflicting advice with regards to pregnancy, birth and postpartum. It also relates to the Health Care Professionals who may be unaware of the advice mothers may have received from other Health Care Professionals.

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I am a Community Manager for this challenge.

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Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Great post with great questions Kate! Looking forward to some thoughts from the community on this. Another piece of the story in my experience is that sometimes patients misunderstand advice, and the provider is unaware that they misunderstood.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Thanks, Bettina!

I wonder also if there are cultural differences too playing into misunderstandings.

This is an interesting piece of research - 'Caught in the middle? How women deal with conflicting pregnancy-advice from health professionals and their social networks' - I thought it might interest you.