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Equal Care For Babies Without Unique Mother BreastFeeding.

Healthcare centers for newborns so that they won't create casualty in mothers' jobs rather they have equal quality care from professionals.

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After having a look at the history of famous historical persons, it's known that many of them were without breastfeeding and care by their own Moms. In addition, the global breastfeeding rate is declining across East Asia and some Africa's countries like Ethiopia and Nigeria. This decline of the number of breastfeeding mothers is presented in an article published in The Times Of India. The article presented Save The Children's latest report that identified Formula Milk as the cause behind the decline. However, whatever the reasons, the number of breastfeeding mothers is declining. In East Asia and the Pacific region it was 45% in 2006 but declined to 29% in 2012. Only 28% mothers initiate breastfeeding in the first hour, 49% feed with colostrum and 41% mothers feed Formula Feed. Toward the movement of developed secular society, women empowerment and gender equality are bringing the women in such a dynamic state that they won't prefer to spend their own time to take care the mess of their babies. They like to choose and buy professional services. (usually more developed, healthy, medicative, edified institutional equal care). A healthccare center is expectedly conscious of baby care, food and nutrition, physical and mental growth of the babies, probable diseases and updated treatments and safety. Thereby the babies instead of individualistic mother will get common quality care. Then the babies will grow up without discriminations. Parents will be free from the tension of health and security of their babies -  though women in jobs are supposed to have gender unique periodic issues and maternity leave issues which in many cases specially where the employers or bosses are men is difficult to manage. But, if they have to feed and take care of newborns after delivery, a long leave become essential. In many cases such a leave is impossible or unaffordable. A safe quality health care can address the needs..

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Is breastfeeding essential? Isn't there Mom with disease that prohibit breastfeeding? How many Moms have knowledge of nutrition and baby care? How many wage earner get leave after delivery? Don't babies need Mom's care after 6 months of delivery? What happens if Mom is a wage earner? They imagine a Center taking care from pregnancy to delivery and of the grow up of babies.

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

The story pertains to The Healthcare Providers use case. Professional institutions will take care the Moms from pregnancy to delivery of the babies and will provide quality mother care services for the babies after delivery. Babies will grow up in the center with due care, social protections and securities. The babies will be free from the impact of maternal chronic diseases and of the complexities in their parents life. They will enjoy equal quality environment to grow up.

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