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Diaper-changing Dad

As a dad, you often have to cross your own boundaries in public when taking care of your kids.

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Too often, I find myself in a random ladies' room. I don't like being there. As a guy, I prefer to give women their privacy in public bathrooms. Even if the stalls are closed off by floor to ceiling doors, it's a boundary I have to cross, as said, too often. Why? Because I regularly change our kids' diapers. Apparently, in many places, that is not a man's job, so the space to do so, is in the ladies' room. My kids' clean bottoms have priority, though, so in the cases it's needed, I step into a place I don't belong to simply do what a dad needs to do: take care of his kids.

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

Dads care for their kids as well. And we change diapers. Deal with that, and give us the space to do so, without the need to bother others.

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

I think it's the unusual suspects. Not only the dads and carers, but also the providers of diaper changing rooms/spaces. If we want to make the new life experience for mothers, fathers and babies better, we need to ask ourselves how we enable dads to care for their kids outside their homes.

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Dad of 2. OpenIDEO veteran.

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I am totally into it. Great idea!

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Hurray! Thanks, Helen.

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Arjan Tupan thank you so much for sharing your insights and welcome to the New Life Challenge! Excited to have someone experienced in our process share their personal story through a new challenge.

This challenge focuses on the time frame from the decision to conceive all the way through to 12 months postpartum. Reflecting on this time as a dad, do you have any suggestions for organizations, communities, or resources you found particularly helpful? How did you connect with other fathers during this time? Would love to hear your feedback, especially with the unique lens you bring to this challenge.

Please provide those suggestions in the comments section or by emailing

Excited to learn more!

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Thanks, Lauren Ito. I do have some suggestions. Some could be added as seperate contributions. From my earlier days on this platform, I remember that to be a good approach inviting more conversation.
In general, I did not connect much to other dads. I was a member of a dad blogging community, which was helpful in a distant way. Other than that, I think I was lucky to be confident and doing this together with a great partner.