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Care2Share India

Tell, listen and learn - Increasing dialogue for quality maternal care in India via mobile technology.

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Care2Share India

Care2Share is a feedback tool to connect women to, women, health professionals and policy makers for improvements in the quality of healthcare they receive.

Care2Share makes it easy for women to give feedback on their birth experiences.  This provides valuable data for improvements.

Objectives of Care2Share

     1) To help women learn about their benefits/entitlements during pregnancy and as new mothers.

     2) To help women be better prepared for the delivery.

     3) To help women have a safer birth.

Care2Share aims to be a tool of empowerment, solidarity, and overall increased understanding of quality of care.


Improving Care India, WRA - video, 2015


Care2Share is a digital innovation developed by WRA with support from Merck For Mothers.

White Ribbon Alliance, WRA India

In India we have some of the best policies in the world for women in childbirth,” says Aparajita Gogoi, National Coordinator of White Ribbon Alliance India. “But who is telling women in their villages about their rights and entitlements? Who is ensuring that the promises made are being kept?"

Since 1999, when White Ribbon Alliance India was set up and subsequently since the first ever march to the Taj Mahal in 2001, they have been doing just that, focusing the public gaze on what happens to women in childbirth, and making citizens’ voices heard in public hearings, maternal death inquiries and now through technology.

Merck For Mothers

Merck For Mothers Digital Innovation

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How might we use tech to reach all women of child bearing years to educate and empower them so that they seek prenatal care? How might we use tech to gather data directly from pregnant women and new mothers, on gaps in services, obstacles to care in rural communities in the US in order to advocate for change?

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

The under resourced mom - As a tool that educates pregnant women on government benefits and on what quality care is, this tool can empower an under resourced mom to advocate for herself and her baby. The Unusual Suspect - This tool also relates directly to Andrea, a policy maker in a rural state office. Data generated from this tool can assist Andrea as she advocates for changes to improve maternal and child health in her community.

Tell us about yourself:

Pediatrician - working in multicultural diverse low income urban communities in NYC. Interested in social innovation and design thinking. I mentor for the Design For America, NYU student club.

Are you currently an employee of Sutter Health or UCB Pharmaceuticals?

  • No


Join the conversation:

Photo of Lauren Ito

Bettina Fliegel thanks for joining the challenge and sharing your insights around New Life! It is exciting to have someone with your depth of expertise in the challenge. Care2Share sounds like an incredibly exciting initiative. Are you directly involved with this app? Will the app be free to use?

When reading your post, I also thought of HealthUnlocked , which is also an app, but provides resources for a more general health community.

Looking forward to learning more!

Photo of Bettina Fliegel

Hi Lauren. I am not involved with the app. I discovered it while googling around doing research for the challenge. I saw it on the Merck For Mothers Digital Innovation page! The service appears to be free. I like that the service provides women with information via a toll free number, on what their benefits provide and what quality care means - empowering them with what to look for, and ask for. It also empowers women to help other women by providing feedback which can them force improvements to facilities and the maternal health system overtime. Really interesting and hopefully will create impact!