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Boot Camp for New Dads®

A father-to-father, community-based workshop for new dads in the US, Canada and the UK

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I want to highlight these boot camps available for new dads as a way to both inform new dads but also to provide a support network for them. 

'Boot Camp for New Dads is a pioneer in the movement to strengthen the institution of fatherhood in America.

Boot Camp workshops feature veteran dads talking frankly about their experiences as they became dads and the issues they found to be most important. Each new group of veterans adds their own insights, which keeps the course content fresh and focused on the real needs of new fathers.

Boot Camp prepares men to be dads in all respects, starting with holding and comforting a real baby.  Veteran dads demonstrate burping, changing, swaddling, the "trouble shooter’s guide" to crying babies, etc., and deal with a broad set of issues including bonding, work hours, forming a parenting team, safety, preventing child abuse, dealing with relatives, etc. The experiences of thousands of Boot Camp veterans provide the course content and they place the strongest emphasis on the tremendous support new moms need from dads.

Source: Boot Camp for New Dads

Are there other groups or workshops for new dads that you are aware of? Do you have experiences of support groups for new dads? Would you share your experiences?

What is a provocation or insight that might inspire others during this challenge?

How might we provide support services and products to expectant and new dads to help them on the journey of fatherhood?

How does this research relate to our use cases and personas?

This relates to 'The Unusual Suspect', the expecting father

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Hi, I'm with the headquarters for Boot Camp for New Dads.
Wanted to let everyone know that Boot Camp for New Dads workshops do have a curriculum led by a trained facilitator and that sites have to become licensed to offer the program.

Boot Camp for New Moms is also an already established program for moms-to-be with the same requirement to be a licensed program to use the curriculum and training.

You can contact us for info to add either/both Boot Camp workshops to your organization/hospital.

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Thank you for commenting. We wanted to highlight Bootcamp for New Dads as a source of inspiration for this challenge.

If you would like to enter the challenge, please do so. The ideas phase is open - Are there some projects/new ideas you would like to try out and test?

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