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MidwifeBot - An artificial intelligence expectant mothers can rely on.

A chatbot for pregnancy, a personal assistant. It helps pregnant women through their 9 months journey.

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In no more than 3 sentences, please tell us who your idea is designed for and how it reimagines the new life experience.

I consider the MidwifeBot idea as a pregnancy tracker and a baby development calendar for expectant mums. It will guide them through their pregnancy, week by week and day by day. furthermore, they can ask the bot about different aspects of their daily life, and the Bot can provide understandable and customized answers for them.
  • Every woman expecting a child prepares herself to give birth to her baby and, of course, she wants to know how her baby grows, what happens to the body and what other changes are waiting for her until the birth of the baby. Based on her due date, The bot will send personalized updates on her body & baby’s development, as well as tips on nutrition for pregnant women, for each week of pregnancy.
  • There is a huge pregnancy-related search on search engines and most of them are routine questions. Our work is to automate these questions and provide a personalized user experience. During pregnancy, women are too sensitive, they need to free their minds from questions like "Is it safe to dye my hair while pregnant?", or "Can I continue to drink coffee?". the chatbot shall answer for the most pregnancy-related questions. If the chatbot doesn't have the answer to a question, we save that question and ask doctors or midwives, then we add that question and its answer in our database.

The need is clear: Expectant mums need education, support and understandable answers to their everyday questions. Right here, right now, 24/7, as easy as texting a friend!

When Facebook Messenger platform opened up, I knew it was not only a great opportunity for business but a great opportunity for healthcare.

Mark Zuckerberg announces Messenger platform with chatbots in 2016Mark Zuckerberg announces Messenger platform with chatbots in 2016

Chatbots are a perfect way to scale up communication and understand women concerns, by automating some parts of the conversation that pregnant women would normally have, we give doctors and midwives more time to focus on deeper needs, and give pregnants the ability to ask whenever and whatever they want, even repeatedly.

And here we are:

Anicia Gau did a video review on an older version of the bot, check it!

At what stage is your idea?

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

When I first heard of this community, I can’t describe how happy I felt. This opportunity is very relevant to what we are working on, and we hope to get the support that we need.
We are looking for:
- Feedback about the idea and Bot features.
- Suggesting enhancements or marketing ideas.
- Connect us with organizations or individuals who might be interested in partnerships.

Tell us about your work experience:

Abdo is Software Developer, has a master degree in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), seeking to revolutionize the AI industry and create positive social change. Passionate about: Entrepreneurship, Intelligence Artificial, Parenting.

This idea emerged from...

  • An Individual

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Hi Abdo !

Great to have you onboard! We notice your post is currently unpublished. Was this your intention? We'd love to have it included on the challenge. If you decide you'd like it included, you can publish it by hitting the Publish Entry up there at the top of your post. Or update it first by hitting the Edit Contribution button. Looking forward to seeing more of you on conversations across this challenge.

Photo of Abdo


I published my post, just wondering is it allowed for us to edit after September 24th?

Photo of Anna

Hi Abdo! Such a cool idea, and very interesting use of existing chatbot technology to support pregnant women!
I don't know if this is relevant for the FB Messenger chatbot AI technology, but I read this above article recently about building empathetic chatbots, and that led me to these questions:
 In what ways can a chatbot be more than a replacement for human interaction? In the case of Midwifebot, I'm very curious about how differently users might interact/converse with a chatbot than with a doctor/midwife face-to-face. Might they reveal more sensitive information that they might be ashamed or reluctant to admit to a physician? How can the chatbot's "listening" ability be programmed to "hear" keywords that might be indicators of depression or anxiety or stress or uncertainty, allowing it to guide the discussion to appropriate resources? What happens when users go "off-script" -- can Midwifebot appropriately and empathetically respond to words expressing confusion and doubt?

Another resource I found was Text4Baby, which sends preprogrammed text messages out according to the user's stage of pregnancy (calculated off of their due date). Examples: "Morning sickness may be caused by a change in your hormones. Try eating crackers or dry cereal. Eat small meals often. Don't go without eating." "Have you gone back to work? It can be tough. Take it one day at a time & know you're not alone in this balancing act." Although the technology is not AI, I was impressed with the research and resource that went into copywriting and editing the concise SMS texts such that they were timely, accurate and sensitive to the needs of diverse constituents, including underesourced mothers who may be unaware of what they need to know (thus not likely to go out and seek it). You might find helpful the list of organizations they worked with on content:

Photo of Abdo

Hi Anna!
Thanks Anna for your feedback and for the links.
We are not proposing our bot as a replacement for doctor/midwife face-to-face.
Although it is possible for IA to indicate human feeling from text input.( anxiety, stress, uncertainty. we still didn’t include that in our bot. we still didn’t have enough content for that.

As you said there is some question that women may be ashamed to admit to a physician, these type of questions we want to focus on.

Thank for referring to Text4Baby services, it will inspire us in copywriting.

Photo of DTF Colombo

Hi, this is really cool. We have been building this game "New Life Challenge" and we can get some inspirations from your solution for our solution as well. Thanks a lot.

This is our solution:

Photo of Abdo

Thanks for your comment, I can see the clear benefit from your idea, also I am happy that my idea inspires you to think about social chat experience, I can help you enumerate some options that available for you, I will write about it in your post.

Photo of Kate

Hi Abdo!

I have been using your bot. I am happy to say it is very user-friendly and integrates into Facebook so I can use it on the go.

What happens if I want further support or help?

How much additional work is needed to adapt the bot for someone with a chronic disease or for a different language, for example, or for a mum from conception to 1-year after the baby is born?

p.s. I like the graphics. Also, what does it mean when the bot responds with 'I will ask an expert and then get back to you'.

Photo of Abdo

Hello Kate!

Thanks for your comment, about the further support, If the chatbot doesn't have the answer to a question, we save that question and ask doctors or midwives, then we add that question and its answer in our database. so any user can access the answer.

About (supporting chronic diseases / different languages / 1-your after the baby born) we have the intent to abstract the flow of conversation and enrich the content, by teaching the bot the deferent women situation to handle it properly. but first, we need to make sure that the product fit the general need for the expectant mothers. and then seek for partnerships with organizations that can review the current content and add more to meet different mother situations.

About the phrase “I will ask an expert and then get back to you” we mean that the bot doesn’t have the answer right now, but we will inform you after we ask a doctor or midwife.

Photo of Kate

Hi Abdo!

Thank you for responding so quickly. Would you consider updating your submission with 'If the chatbot doesn't have the answer to a question, we save that question and ask doctors or midwives, then we add that question and its answer in our database. so any user can access the answer'?

Also, how does your chatbot compare to other chatbots? Have you identified competitors? What is your unique selling point?

It would be really nice to know a bit more about yourself. Do you have a LinkedIn profile that you could share?

Have a nice weekend!

Photo of Abdo

Hi Kate!

Chatbots are the new type of apps with some differences, so we consider our competitors are all websites and Mobile apps that serve pregnant mothers, in addition to Google and other search engines! Since the web is full of articles that talk about pregnancy issues.

Our chatbot will combine the flexibility to ask in the natural language like searching on Google, and the knowledge about the user like mobile apps (due dates, wights, …etc). so we have the good position to comprehend a text-written question and provide the correct customizable answer.

p. s. I have updated my contribution as you recommended, also find my short bio with Linked link on my openIDEO profile.

Photo of Kate

Thank you, Abdo!

Are there other pregnancy chatbots or chatbots to support new moms? I know there is one for Pampers.

Photo of Abdo


chatbots as personal assistance on Messenger are relatively new, tho we identify tow chatbots that target the same audience.

One for Pampers (American company of baby products), other for reply.ia (technology company) named “Can I eat this?”

We want to gain enough funding and partnerships with organizations (like UCB and Sutter Health) that allow us to compete and provide the best value to our users.

If you or the community have advice about that (gaining funding and partnerships), this will give us a big boost!

As a competitive advantage, we have marketing mothership from Messenger + FbStart** program from Facebook, that provide us year-round marketing tactics, technical support, free credits to tools and services from dozens of premier Facebook partners and training.

** FbStart is a global program designed to help startups build and grow their business

Photo of Danielle

This sounds really cool! Have you thought about who exactly would make these bots and how much it would cost mothers to use them?

Photo of Abdo

Thanks Danielle for your feedback!
- We actually made this Minumum Valuable Product to test and then prove that AI has the ability to help and support expectant mums. From that point, we will encounter some deep problems that mums suffer from. our responsibility is to find solutions or find some organizations or individuals that can help.
- The bot is accessible through Messenger platform for free, any expectant can access and benefit from.

Photo of Zaid

I think this sounds awesome! Consider looking into UC Berkeley's Artificial Intelligence robot that helps complete minuscule tasks and learns new tasks. That would help moms incredibly if it were added on, in addition to the chat bot.

Photo of Abdo

Thanks Zaid for your comment, may you share more details about UC Berkeley's Artificial Intelligence robot.

Photo of Alexander

This is a really cool idea! What is the platform for this chatbot? It sounds like it could be a website that expecting mothers make an account with and then it sends an email reminder. I could also see how this would easily be a smartphone app, like other chatbots.

Photo of Abdo

Hello Alexander!

Thanks for your feedback, we didn't rely on bot platform for developing our chatbot, we work with Facebook Messenger API directly, but if you ask about the AI layer, we rely on platform.

There is a lot of email newsletters and mobile apps out there, that provide the same pieces of information, but our valuable addition to a pregnant mother's search for information during pregnancy, is to make it more accessible, customizable and enjoyable experience as easy as texting a friend!