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BabyStream Pro

Device that allows local health workers to see a streamlined view & update the mother's info at every stage of her pregnancy

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In no more than 3 sentences, please tell us who your idea is designed for and how it reimagines the new life experience.

This simple handheld device would provide a place for local health workers to store relevant information about the mother and baby, view records, and present information to the mother. This creates more informed health workers, as well as a more personal relationship between workers and expecting mothers. The device is intended to be made accessible to those without smartphones, but the software would also be available as an app for convenience.

Hospitals have charts and even electronic versions of them, but not every mother will have convenient access to a hospital during her pregnancy. Mothers in remote areas must rely on local health workers. These local workers can provide excellent care, but one obstacle they face is a lack of information infrastructure that would be found at a typical Western hospital. This can make it difficult to provide the most effective care for the mothers in their charge.

With this device, mothers can store background information about themselves, and healthcare workers can save information about how the pregnancy is progressing—scans or test results, any treatments administered, etc. General information about pregnancies would also be available for the mother. The health worker could even input personalized information or treatments for the mother to follow. If the mother receives care from more than one professional, each professional could catch themselves up on her condition by reviewing the device.

The software could also be reconfigured into an app for mothers who have a smartphone, but I want to offer the the standalone device so that any mother could use it. A good business model would be to sell these to the local health workers who could then loan them out to women for the duration of their pregnancy.

In that vein, the user persona that would most likely benefit from this product is Arthur. Each of his patients can show him her device at the beginning of each appointment, allowing him to refresh himself on her condition and provide her with personalized, effective care. The device could also help Arthur coordinate with other caregivers more simply, shaving off another layer of complexity.

At what stage is your idea?

  • Back of the Napkin Sketch: I came up with this concept and would love support in making it come to life!

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

Initially, I could observe workers in the local hospital as they interact with pregnant women and see what information they record and use the most. Next, I could use the results to create a paper form that would mimic the function of the device and get feedback from the health workers on its functionality.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

Finding the cheapest way to manufacture it Would probably partner with another NGO to distribute it Still considering the name, this one may be temporary

Tell us about your work experience:

I'm still working on my undergrad degree and haven't had any formal design experience.

This idea emerged from...

  • An Individual

Are you an expecting, new, or experienced mom?

  • no

Are you a healthcare practitioner?

  • no

Are you a current employee of UCB Pharmaceuticals or Sutter Health?

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Photo of Nguyễn Nam

Hi Cal,
This idea is very awesome, and I think it can be applied to all kind of patients, not only the mothers and babies. I also love the idea of loaning the devices to women for their pregnancy duration. I guess it will work well in the developing countries. Besides, I would like to suggest an alarm system for our patients in case of the emergency.
I see your intention to produce the devices for people who do not have the smartphone. However, I think most people today have at least one internet-accessible device. How do you think about the profitability of providing the standalone device compared with a simple online app?

Photo of Cal Costic

Nguyễn, thanks for your feedback! I think the device could be simple enough so as to sell at cost or for a small profit and still not be too expensive for patients and treatment centers. Charging a small price ($3 or less) for the app could also help to offset the cost of producing the device.

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