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An app that teaches new parents about childcare through a mobile course comprised of lessons and quizzes.

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In no more than 3 sentences, please tell us who your idea is designed for and how it reimagines the new life experience.

This app is designed for expecting new parents to give them all of the information that they need in an organized and comprehensive way. Often, new parents are overwhelmed by information and are unable to comprehend the unorganized mess of information on babies. ParentPrep will organize information provided by prenatal and postnatal care specialists into units with quizzes at the end of each to ensure that parents feel that they understand and feel prepared for their child.

Being a new parent is one of the most stressful experiences that any of us will go through. The lack of experience combined with how hard it is to find well-organized and accurate information makes preparing for a baby extremely difficult and confusing. This app will allow expecting parents to learn and retain essential information and feel confident and prepared as their due date approaches.

Information provided by prenatal and postnatal care specialists will be split into approximately ten units with each unit focusing on different aspects of care for a baby before and after birth. A quiz will follow each unit to ensure comprehension and that parents feel that they understand and feel prepared for their child. 

ParentPrep users will be presented with two options for learning the information: Read or Watch. The Read option will allow users to process information at their own pace. Read will not be presented in the typical textbook-like format; it will have a modern and sleek design, allowing users to stay engaged. The Watch option will present the information as any online course would, with a teacher giving a lesson. These teachers will use a variety of visual aids to liven up the learning process. After users have finished a unit, either by reading it or watching it, they will be presented with a short quiz to assure that they feel confident with the information that they just learned.

At what stage is your idea?

  • Back of the Napkin Sketch: I came up with this concept and would love support in making it come to life!

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

With a small group of expecting parents, a physical class could be held, followed by a quiz, to see if parents felt as though they learned something and felt more confident about their knowledge pertaining to babies.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

I think that guidance on the design of the app's user interface would be very helpful as well as any general suggestions for improvement.

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