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MidwifeBot - An artificial intelligence expectant mothers can rely on.

A chatbot for pregnancy, a personal assistant. It helps pregnant women through their 9 months journey.

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In no more than 3 sentences, please tell us who your idea is designed for and how it reimagines the new life experience.

I consider the MidwifeBot idea as a pregnancy tracker and a baby development calendar for expectant mums. It will guide them through their pregnancy, week by week and day by day. furthermore, they can ask the bot about different aspects of their daily life, and the Bot can provide understandable and customized answers for them.
  • Every woman expecting a child prepares herself to give birth to her baby and, of course, she wants to know how her baby grows, what happens to the body and what other changes are waiting for her until the birth of the baby. Based on her due date, The bot will send personalized updates on her body & baby’s development, as well as tips on nutrition for pregnant women, for each week of pregnancy.
  • There is a huge pregnancy-related search on search engines and most of them are routine questions. Our work is to automate these questions and provide a personalized user experience. During pregnancy, women are too sensitive, they need to free their minds from questions like "Is it safe to dye my hair while pregnant?", or "Can I continue to drink coffee?". the chatbot shall answer for the most pregnancy-related questions. If the chatbot doesn't have the answer to a question, we save that question and ask doctors or midwives, then we add that question and its answer in our database.

The need is clear: Expectant mums need education, support and understandable answers to their everyday questions. Right here, right now, 24/7, as easy as texting a friend!

When Facebook Messenger platform opened up, I knew it was not only a great opportunity for business but a great opportunity for healthcare.

Mark Zuckerberg announces Messenger platform with chatbots in 2016Mark Zuckerberg announces Messenger platform with chatbots in 2016

Chatbots are a perfect way to scale up communication and understand women concerns, by automating some parts of the conversation that pregnant women would normally have, we give doctors and midwives more time to focus on deeper needs, and give pregnants the ability to ask whenever and whatever they want, even repeatedly.

And here we are:

Anicia Gau did a video review on an older version of the bot, check it!

At what stage is your idea?

  • Piloting: I have started to implement my solution as a whole with a first set of real users.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

When I first heard of this community, I can’t describe how happy I felt. This opportunity is very relevant to what we are working on, and we hope to get the support that we need. We are looking for: - Feedback about the idea and Bot features. - Suggesting enhancements or marketing ideas. - Connect us with organizations or individuals who might be interested in partnerships.

Tell us about your work experience:

Abdo is Software Developer, has a master degree in Computer Science, specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI), seeking to revolutionize the AI industry and create positive social change. Passionate about: Entrepreneurship, Intelligence Artificial, Parenting.

This idea emerged from...

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Photo of Nguyễn Nam

Hi Adbo,
This idea is very cool. Do you have any expectation to go global with your business? As this is a kind of Facebook API so I think it's very easy to pump out globally. However, I believe that in every culture, there are always the differences about the "right" things to do/have in the pregnancy, it could be a big challenge. In addition, I also think that women might prefer to listen to people who had a real experience and also are close to them, so I am not confident that they will trust the AI. For example, my sisters, when she was pregnant, always ask my mom and aunties those kinds of questions though she'd spent hours searching Google. How do you think about that?

Photo of Abdo Moussa

Thanks Nguyễn Nam for your feedback, congratulation for being the uncle :)

Yes, we have an expectation to go global, you identify an important challenge that we have, we can't handle that right now, this obliges us to seek for partnerships with global and local organizations, that can write/review bot content in different cultures.

We are not proposing our bot as a replacement for mom/aunties advice, but defiantly a replacement to Google search, we create a short path to get the customizable, understandable answer, without reading that 5 long articles that appear on google about a particular subject.

Moreover, the bot (as it knows which week) can help her identify the important question to ask her doctors/mom/anties.

What is kind of questions your sister is looking for in google? how long usually she get the answer? did she search first and then ask her mom/anties, or ask and then search?

Photo of Nguyễn Nam

Thanks Abdo,
Normally, she searched on Google first, surfing several of sources and then asked my mom or anties. There were lots of question about the changes on her body, how to reduce the risk of premature birth, nutrition, or even is it ok to take the sauna. I don't know, but I think she might have psychological anxiety and spending time on Google perhap helping her a bit

Photo of Abdo Moussa

Thanks again Nguyễn, for your useful collaboration.

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