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analysis of factors that contribute to maternal and infant mortality

I will explore in advance through qualitative and quantitative research to explore deeper causes of maternal and infant deaths in our area

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we will first explore the causes of maternal and infant deaths in our area through qualitative research and document studies on maternal verbal maternal Autopsy in maternal and infant deaths second, the results of the first phase of the research will be presented in the forum with the relevant parties according to the findings of the cause of maternal and infant mortality to find solutions together thirdly. we will devise an activity plan for the intervention of reduce maternal death
Efforts to prevent maternal mortality need information that important about the cause of the maternal mortality, so as to be done in specific efforts to prevent maternal mortality in the future. Maternal mortality relating to the causes of direct and indirect factors. The causes of death directly in Indonesia are still dominated by bleeding, eclampsia, and infections. While factors indirect cause of death because there are still many 3 late and 4 too late , related to access factor, social and cultural, education and economic. 3 late cases, mark late recognize the dangers of childbirth and take a decision, late referred, late handled by health workers at the health facilities A design study the research uses is sequential explanatory mixed methods. The data collection and analysis quantitative data in the first, then followed by qualitative data collection in the second phase to strengthen the results quantitative. Research mixed sequential explanatory methods used to grasp deeper about a result of research quantitative so that enrich meaning. Design research on the first phase quantitatively with the kind of research descriptive to get a about determinant the causes of maternal mortality and obtain picture spatial mapping maternal mortality . Also were carried out analysis qualitatively by doing review of chronological documents an autopsy verbal maternal. The second phase qualitatively approach in analysis contents of with the constructivism paradigm, explore the result of the findings about factors that causes maternal mortality and then the result of the findings used to formulate policy recommendations to reduce maternal mortality.

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  • Full-scale roll-out: I have completed a pilot and analyzed the impact of that pilot on the users I am trying to reach with my idea. I am ready to expand the pilot significantly.

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i have already tested this concept.

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we need a qualitatif researcher skill of analysing data ( kualitatif and quantitatif ) skill of manage focus grup discussion

Tell us about your work experience:

yes ,i do I lecturer at study Midwiferi Program health polytecnic ministry Health Bandung Indonesia i am a midwife at publict health care I have a few research about maternal and neonatal death the title : why mothers die : a qualitatif study the title : analizing faktor infant mortality, etc

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