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Papasophy, a community to help dads navigate the neverending journey of learning how to be a father

A multi channel community for connecting dads to information about parenting, share the joys of fatherhood and support eachother.

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In no more than 3 sentences, please tell us who your idea is designed for and how it reimagines the new life experience.

This idea is designed for fathers, who too often are not connected enough to the new life experience, and I'd like to change that. By showing the fun of fatherhood, and creating online and offline communities for access to information and support, I hope to get dads involved in the lives of their children and partners.

There are multiple online communities and platforms for mothers. Although many also allow dads to participate, most of the information and conversation is very mother-centric. Papasophy is father-centric. With a multi-channel approach, I like to get fellow dads more involved in their kids' lives.

Share the joy

To share the joy of fatherhood, I have created an Instagram account that does just that. Quotes, pictures, stories about the joy of being a dad. That' what this channel is about. With the hashtag #papasophy, other dads can join in the fun. Which, by the way, many are doing on platforms like instagram. Other (social media) channels could also be used additionally.

Get the info

What is happening with the development of your child? How is it growing pre and post birth. What are the challenges? How can you get them to eat healthy and all they need. How do you spot illnesses? 

All these questions and more are relatively universal. There's plenty of information on these topics available, but where do you find it? 

Then there's the more local information: where do you go for check-ups, what vaccination programs are there, how do you deal with school and day care, what cool things can you do with your kids near you?

This information will also be made available.

For this, I imagine a website and/or an app, and in addition an email newsletter that provides information on a regular basis, dependent on the development stage of your child and place where you live.

Help this dad out

Support for dads to be or new dads is, as we've learned in the inspiration/research phase, not only much needed, but also a bit underdeveloped. I intend to create an online community where dads can find each other for support. The benefit of an online community, is that you can create groups based on location and on interests or support need. Sometimes you just want to vent; sometimes you rather have support from another single, gay, or whatever dad; sometimes you want to know which local doctor is a good one, or which school is best.

On the other hand, online isn't everything. Modeled after the OpenIDEO chapters, I would love to see local or regional chapters develop, where dads can meet in person, and share joy and challenges and sorrow and tips and much, much more.

At what stage is your idea?

  • Back of the Napkin Sketch: I came up with this concept and would love support in making it come to life!

What early, lightweight experiment might you try out in your own community to find out if the idea will meet your expectations?

There's actually three lightweight experiments I think are feasible for me to do in the next weeks. 1st: Increase activity and engagement on the Papasophy instagram account. 2nd: Create an online papasophy community on Slack 3rd: Ask dads about the need for, and try to host a local papasophy meetup.

What skills, input or guidance from the OpenIDEO community would be most helpful in building out or refining your idea?

I would love input on how to further develop this idea. It would also be great if the dads (and moms) in this challenge would join in on the online community, to see how that works. Maybe based on the experience of OpenIDEO and a local meetup, we can create some "toolkits" for hosting a chapter, and I could certainly use some help with that.

Tell us about your work experience:

I've been a process consultant for a big part of my career. I've also been active as board member in an ngo focused on providing health care to underserved communities, and in an ngo focused on building a local community for young tech entrepreneurs.

This idea emerged from...

  • An Individual

Are you an expecting, new, or experienced mom?

  • no

Are you a healthcare practitioner?

  • no

Are you a current employee of UCB Pharmaceuticals or Sutter Health?

  • no


Join the conversation:

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Hi Arjan Tupan great to see you again on this challenge! I love the idea and based on my personal observations I think it could be a useful tool. I'm wondering what are the learnings from your 3 light prototypes. I'm also curious if you have thought of how you will sustain participation as I can see fathers being maybe more interested (and in "need") at some point in their parenting journey than at others. I am also curious if you had been able to explore more the online vs. offline component. Being involved with the NYC OpenIDEO chapter I know (and this is what I'm hearing from other chapters' organizers) that it's a lot of work to nurture a community and I'm wondering if you could think of ways to piggy back on existing structures or institutions. Looking forward to hearing more about your idea!

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Hi Arjan Tupan and Drake Van Egdom 
The refinement phase closes on Nov 5 at 3:00pm PST. I look forward to seeing your updates. Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all.

Photo of Kate Rushton

Hi Arjan,

I hope you are having a nice weekend.

When you press the ‘Edit Contribution’ button on your idea submission you will be able to see the questions for the refinement phase when you scroll down.

How could this work where the pregnant mom has a chronic illness? What does dad need when their partner is living with a severe condition? What information does the Dad need compared to the Mum?

Could there be a connection to Postpartum registry for friends ?

There are a few ideas from previous challenge that might be a source of inspiration in the refinement phase:

I Know Something About This - a global, peer-to-peer learning system that taps all the experience individuals have from going through the end of life experience - has a really good example of prototyping and use of tools to gather feedback -

Get to Know Me - A tablet-based display allowing families to share -- and ICU providers to learn -- longitudinally, who the patient is as a person.- has a really clear user journey -

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I think there is a great opportunity in focusing on the caregiving capabilities of the dads. Their support is key but the cultural resistances to accept that affects the development of their children.

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Hi Arjan and Drake,

Congratulations on making it to the refinement phase!

Please tag me here with questions using '@' followed by my name (Kate Rushton).

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I could imagine something like a FaceBook group combined with a Meetup group ( If you look at the family category, Meetup groups can be as specific or broad as you want, and groups identify based on location. A FaceBook group provides an online community that can be there to answer your questions and support you without meeting in person. Almost everybody has a FaceBook account, and FaceBook makes it easy to create groups of people, and message them.

In Iceland, most mothers join a Facebook group for their child's birth month. For example, all mothers with a due date of November 2017 would join that group and continue with that group of people even after their birth. They may arrange play dates or meetings without their children. However, there is only a father group for all fathers, and not specific to their child's birth month.

One drawback to online groups is they don't usually have a licensed nurse or doctor to give sound advice. The other mothers may not give a scientifically valid response to a question, or may not have a good answer. I don't know how to remedy this problem. I could imagine a hospital having a FaceBook messaging channel devoted to new parents that can answer their questions.

An online community with a physical presence is a wonderful idea. Some parents have support systems in place, such as family and friends. Other parents may not have those support systems and may struggle with everyday tasks with a baby.

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Thanks for your comments and insights, Drake. Very valuable. I'm not a fan of Facebook groups, because they often turn out to be very spammy. But it is indeed where most people are. Community management is important on a platform like this, where expert insights, especially medical, need to be part of it.

Photo of Drake Van Egdom

I think the usability of Facebook groups depends on the number of people in each group. Another way to limit spam is to set up some guidelines for the group, so group members know what the group is supposed to be used for. You could also create very specific groups, so that members are invested in those groups and limits the number of people in them. For instance, an "Allentown Fathers of November 2017" group, or something similar.

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Hi Arjan!

It is great to see you in the ideas phase. I like how you are tapping into existing platforms.

How do you see the role of Sutter Health and UCB in the development of your idea?

I am going to tag a few OpenIDEO members here for feedback and potential collaboration - Abner Wagag Drake Van Egdom Gayanjith Premalal 

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Thanks for your comment, Kate. To be honest, I'm not completely familiar with what Sutter Health and UCB are precisely doing, but I could imagine they could help with supplying information about the medical and care side of expecting and welcoming new life. Maybe Sutter Health could run a pilot local chapter, they seem to have the network to do that. UCB seems to be an internationally operating pharma company, which means they have connections with doctors in many countries. This network could be very helpful to assess local needs and make content locally relevant. What do you think their role could be? I'm sure you know more about them, and what they are looking for.

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Hi Arjan Tupan congratulations on being today's Featured Contribution!

Photo of Arjan Tupan

Thanks! Such a big honor!