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Wearable devices like Google Glass for various applications

Wearable technology like google glasses can have many applications to identify and assist mobility problems, reminders for medication, locations or even to remember relatives, or live remote alerts on what they are doing

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One of the things that amuses me the most more from what I have seen in my grandfather's lasts few years, is that I used to feel like I was his favorite grandson, but then, after a couple of strokes he had, he started to forget people's faces and short term memory, as a result, from a couple of years ago, he doesn't recognize me at all.

So, it would be great to have a google glass application to review or study relatives pictures and other memories, or to have a reminder when you are in front of them.

This glasses could also be a great assistan for mobility issues, like finding back the way home, or as a panic alert if there is no activity from the person in a long while.

Searching on the web for this kind of applications for google glass, there are lots and fine examples like the ones listed in:


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