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The Little Book of Contentment

How might we all maintain wellbeing and thrive as we age? This book is meant to help answer this question. It is a guide on some important actions you can take that can help to transform your core sense of well being.

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Excerpt from The Little Book of Contentment by Leo Babauta

The Agreement

This isn't meant to be a book that you glance through and then set aside. It's also not about general philosophy or life advice. It's not meant to get you to buy into a program.

What is this book for then?

It's meant for action. The intent of this book is for you to: 

1. Read it in an hour. Not put aside, but actually read it. 

2. Put the method into action. Immediately.

3. Practice the skills daily, just a few minutes a day. In ashort time, you should have some basic skills that help you to be content, less angry, less stressed out.

How does that sound? If you’re happy with that, let's make an agreement:

1. You do those three things.

2. You also agree to close everything else on your computer and give yourself an hour of undistracted time to read this book. 


* This inspiration submitted on behalf of our Palo Alto / Bay Area OpenIDEO local meet-up. Special thanks to Emily!

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Great to hear from OpenIDEO Meetup folk! Given that some folks may not have an hour to spare, we find it's also a great idea to include some summary highlights. This makes it more likely that you'll trigger a collaborative conversation here. More tips at:

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Thanks Meena. Summary added.

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