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The Foster Grandparent program

The Foster Grandparent programme is a volunteering opportunity for low-income seniors to earn a small stipend while mentoring and tutoring children with special needs.

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The most dilapidating part of growing old, other than the most obvious health issues, is losing a sense of purpose. This could stem from a sense of disillusionment, or because society dictates that seniors should sit back and retire at a certain age. Most senior tend to become isolated and introverted as a result.    

The Foster Grandparent program by the Salt Lake County not only gives children a mentor to guide them and give them emotional support, but also gives seniors above 60 a drive and an opportunity to be independent and involved in their community. 

Seniors work as volunteers in a variety of settings including schools, shelters, daycare centers, and crisis centres. They are provided an hourly stipend, mileage or travel reimbursement and are also given accident and auto insurance. 


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Fab highlight, which has been coming through so strongly during our Inspiration phase, on the value of having a sense of purpose. Looking forward to seeing this leveraged by concepts coming through in the Ideas phase. Hope to see you there, Sharmeen!

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