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Quantified self meets cognitive function to control things

Emotiv has developed a wearable, portable, high-resolution EEG brain wave monitor. It's like fitbit, for your brain. The headset may also allow those with failing bodies to live fuller lives through brain-colled devices.

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Break through, portable EEG devices are allowing both quantification of and reaction to brain activity. The device is particularly interesting because it is high-resolution, portable and considerably less expensive than traditional EEG devices. 

Using an Emotiv-style device offers several potentials for understand and reacting to aging. 

First, it allows self-traking style quantification of brain activity. Being able to quantify our concentration and problem-solving ability over time may identify trends which can be addressed before they are impede our function. 

Secondly, the headset has been demonstrated to allowed mental control of virtual elements on a screen. In the linked video, the subject is able to train the computer to recognize mental instructions for moving a cube around a 3D space. 

For an aging population who may feel impaired or trapped by failing bodies, these mind-based controls may offer a new range of function from communication to control of mechanical assisting devices. 


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Hey Nick - great share - with your interest in Emotiv - check out this recent successful Kickstarter campaign to launch a digital bracelet that tracks your mood! There is so MUCH potential here - I can't see to see where they take it!!!

Photo of Nick Dawson

Lynn - that bracelet looks neat!

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