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Life for others

We need to see a continuation of ourself in our children!

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My grandmother is 86 years old. She is Russian. When she was 18 years old, she joined up as a volunteer for the second world war. She worked as a nurse in a field hospital. In May 1945 they were in Budapest. They were happy that the war finished but they didn't know that that was not the end.
Long years of recovery... but among other problems, there weren't enough males to create new families. My grandmother gave birth to my mom only when she was 38 years old. It's extremely late even for a modern Russian woman.

I was born on 7 May and every my birthday my grandmom says that I'm her gift for the Victory Day.

In Russia we would say "she lived not for the sake of something, but contrary to everything"... But it's not true! She lives for the sake of us, her close people! All her decisions and actions in life were for the sake of us! 

She is very old now and every movement is hard for her but she says: "I'm not going to die till I see my great-grandchildren". 

I understand that her generation is special, and now we have other values. But really, don't we want to see a continuation of ourself in our children? 


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