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Let young people be old for a day!

I think there could be a lot more empathy and a lot of interesting ideas if younger people were able to feel exactly what it means to be old.

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I used to worked for a bank and to test the suitability of ATMs for old people we used something called an "ageing suit".  Similar to a fat-suit it would simulate the condition of being old by limiting the way you move, the speed, the ability to see and hear, and so on...

I imagine it will be extremely hard to wear this for only one day, but imagine all the things and differences you will notice. And then imagine putting 40 year old CEOs and young entrepreneurs into such a suit. By creating unfiltered empathy we could start a whole bunch of new things!

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Love this idea! We've done similar stuff with doctors where they simulate being a patient. It's a remarkably effective way to promote empathy. Would be interesting, in addition to the suite, to have able bodied younger people simulate navigating in a motorized scooter, sorting pills, putting on glasses to degrade eye sight…

What a great idea!

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