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Keeping Mind and Body in Harmony while facilitating warmer relationships with younger generation

Activity Groups certainly play a great role in inspiring people and society. No philosophies. A real existing group of senior citizens who play Lawn Tennis at least 5 times a week I came across this summer holidays in a town of South East England.

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A very active and friendly group of senior citizens who play Lawn Tennis at least 5 times a week. Called Social games where in people of all the ages play together and interchange players among the courts to enjoy the change and nurture relations.

A great way to keep the mind and body fit and warm and this group proves it by challenging the younger players! None-the-less, in the social sessions, players of all the age gather. Great way to maintain warm relations with the younger generation and inspire them for healthy aging as well.

However, it might not be feasible to form such clubs in every country and every town. But there are lot of such options. In my hometown in India There were some older cyclists who could inspire younger generation.

It might be a good idea to think of simple ways which can enlarge the social impact of such groups to inculcate good habits and healthy lifestyle in to younger generations   There's a Hindu saying: " For the first Thirty years of your life, you make your Habits. For the last Thirty years of your life, your Habits make YOU"


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