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Pearl Russ, a 101-year-old woman, graduates high school

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Pearl says, "Common people, just get me cool."

This statement by a 101-year-old woman at her graduation ceremony brings forth the enthusiasm and optimism she's filled with, which sadly fades away in most of the elderly people. The article ( ) aptly states - " While some teenagers may take the process for granted, an Iowa woman has been waiting a very long time to graduate from high school."   The reason, according to her was -  "In those years, we just didn't do those things," Russ says. "We couldn't, 'cause the wages wasn't there, and my dad didn't get that much money."

There are so many elderly people like Pearl, who wanted to gain knowledge when they were young but were deprived of it due to many reasons, some of them could be - 
- Lack of money :Forced to start working early to earn
- Lack of proper awareness as education was not given so much importance in the olden days.
- Early marriage after which time is mostly spent in catering to their child's needs, caring for the family, doing the household work etc.

The video is an inspiration not only from the point of view of how children can help their parents realise their dreams but also portrays a sense of passion for learning which this woman has - without expecting anything in return (a job, a salary) unlike some of the younger people.

Live your dreams - age isn't a barrier :-)

How might we instill a sense of optimism towards life in the minds of the elderly and make them realise that they still can pursue their dreams? How might we make them think that their life is important to their family and the society at large and that they too can make a difference? How might one be able to practice pure altruism i.e. fulfill the needs of people in their old-age and serve them selflessly?

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Great share, Bhawna!