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Health Benefits: listen to the music of your youth

Like many folks, I love music. So, it’s great to read new studies showing how listening to music can provide health benefits. It’s a simple solution but important. For seniors, make sure they can listen to music of their youth.

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Building upon research and a new documentary featuring Oliver Sachs that shows the health benefits of music, I would like to see this therapy used more for young and old. I can see groups of elderly, each with headphones so they can listen to their own favorite music from their youth. Based on their age,collections of hit songs could be streamed to them or they could choose their own from their era. They could teach others about their music from their youth. 


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I agree with this post, soft music is great for infants. It helps calm them down and get to sleep faster.

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I enjoyed watching the youtube video on the health benefits of music because what I've noticed with my 83 year old grandmother that she does lighten up when she hears music from her youth.

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I have very deep memories of my first transistor radio as a child. I would plug an ear piece (not stereo) into the ear jack and put the ear piece under by pillow at night. There in the dark I would listen as the outside world of AM radio penetrated by psyche. The music I heard then can still move me deeply today.

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Indeed – awesome Inspiration. Was also posted earlier here: and we can understand why it's so popular! Looking forward to what these posts will inspire from others & conversations they might spark. Great to have you onboard, Christian.

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thanks Meena! I scanned this challenge and posted (didn't see this other post, but then I did a more thorough reading after posting and ran across it). It's a good one to build on.