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Digital Toolkit for Getting Unstuck

Unstuck is a tech-savvy approach to personal growth for anyone who wants to get through problems they're facing right now. Combining personalised digital tools with handy tips, Unstuck makes it easy to curate on-demand advice whenever you need it.

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Ok – so I know not everyone has an iPad – but I thought I'd share one of my favourite apps which I actually discovered via a comment on a previous OpenIDEO challenge: Unstuck. I'd love to have an app or digital tool that was this well designed, content rich and able to be tailored for my personal use to specifically help me with decisions on healthy ageing. I want something that empowers me to think about and plan for physical, social, mental and financial wellbeing. And I want it now – before challenges around these kinds of wellbeing arrive!

As we move towards the Ideas phase, it'll be great for folks to consider what kinds of tools might help us with tips, options and decision making for our future (alongside all the fab ideas about community connections and human-to-human interaction of course!)

The back end of the Unstuck app has had a tonne of work go into it. Best of all, it's all served up in a really engaging way that you can tailor for your own needs. Each Unstuck tool is designed to kick-start success for specific kinds of stuck moments. Their interactive springboards can help you:
Make a decision
Set goals
See all the possibilities
Overcome obstacles
Find the help you need
Rediscover purpose
Make a plan
Crystallise your ideas
Get motivated
Deal with change

They even have summaries of how famous people got through their Unstuck moments. Because everyone gets a little stuck at times...

Don't have an iPad but want to check out more? Swing by the Unstuck website.

How might we raise awareness about tips and options for healthy ageing in an engaging way? How might we empower folks to make decisions which are relevant to their own lives?


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