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Bridging Generational Silos

Building bridges between the silos that young and old tend to live in. Creating channels for our innate empathy to flow.

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Inspired by the notion that humans are by nature deeply empathetic towards one another, I believe it is vital for this challenge to build bridges between the silos that young and old tend to live in. Creating channels to enable our innate empathy to flow.

Most of the challenges in the world were caused by humans living in mental and physical silos unable to fully anticipate circumstances, environments or thought processes of others. And since our brains by nature work most effectively for short term rather than long term thinking, it was virtually impossible to consider long term consequences of your actions for people you had no direct relationship with.

The internet brings radical change to the table and allows many more voices, opinions and perspectives to be heard, enabling us to take into consideration the needs and wants of much larger crowds, despite our inherent tendency for short term thinking. OpenIDEO being a perfect example.

Building on ideas such as 'The Amazings' or 'The Nana Cafe' introduced in other inspirations, I am therefore passionate about ways to bridge the gap that divides generations.

Professor Sugata Mitra's project 'The Granny Cloud' is another great example in which grandmothers in the UK teach English to school children in India, and thereby creates channels, strong bonds and empathy between them, which would have not been possible before.

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