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"Abuelo cuentame un cuento" (Granpa, tell me a story)

Through oral tradition, 'granpas and grandmas' of the eldery community center get to spend quality time with high school students at the same time they tell them life stories. It a interesting learning and sharing experience for both sides.

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Some years ago, while I was in highschool we loved to do social intervention with low-income communities and vulnerable populations. One of the project was "Abuelo Cuentame un Cuento", an initiative that aimed to contritube to the well-being of the elderly people of a community elder home that help elder people with out family. 
The idea was that each student get to know a 'grandparent' in order to share life stories. The project aimed to improve the well-being of  this community through an space in wich they could be understand and take into account and also was a space for students to realize what valuable people this guys where. 
Today the elderly community center is running and many newcomers have arrived to fulfil this place with lots of new stories.


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This is one of those ideas, that touches your heart! It reminds me of my childhood, when listening to stories from your grandparents was such an important part of my life. And greatly benefits both the listener as well as the storyteller.

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Hey Animesh,
Indeed, these type of project bring a lot of benefits for both parts, at the same time it educates the youth on how to share with a community that needs attention.

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