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Nurture the Child Within

This is not an invitation to be childish, but an invitation to nurture the child within. The child within was free to explore, loved color, delighted in music, was not afraid to indulge themselves sometimes. Never lose those feelings.

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Ensure that there are creative and fun activities that aren't too serious. Participation in art, music, making ice cream, planting tomatoes were always fun as a child. They still are.

How might your idea scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

Coordination through community programs and outreach to house-bound seniors. Maybe teaching seniors how to use Skype and share the results of these activities with each other and family.


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Hi Carol! This is great! My inspiration for the challenge is based on the same premise.. To create engagement and healthy living through fun, lighthearted activities. To create communities and meaningful connections within senior communities, how about establishing a family volunteer program where a member's grandchild volunteers to teach a skype, art, swim, etc. class? This could be extended further to middle or high school community volunteer programs as well. This would give pre-teens and teenagers the chance to develop community service skills while bridging the gap between between the elderly and young.

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I would be a bit careful with that. If you don't have skilled people leading physical activities, seniors can fall and get hurt. Younger volunteers that can teach something having to do with computers or art, etc., would be safe enough or encouraging writing.

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Absolutely! Proper certification for leading physical activities is necessary. Apologies for not stating that!

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