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JOINTLY: collaborative insight map

Share your wise friends’ thoughts and stories on JOINTLY and see how similar conclusions accumulate.

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Old people can join the community of JOINTLY which consists of people who find old people's stories and thoughts interesting.

Also anyone can listen an old friend to share her experiences on JOINTLY.

Each story represented by a circle and these circles accumulates regarding their summary. 

Benefits for both young and old people:

Accumulation of conclusions gives a clue about subjectivity or objectivity of a conclusion.

Accumulation of conclusions may reveal stereotypical cultural thought patterns.

It can be used as a dictionary: anyone can look up when she has got a concern, a doubt, an interest etc. ; compare her experiences and thoughts with others’.

As users will meet with many different ideas, which are results of various stories, their emphathy skill may develop.

It is an alternative supportive community for users to share similar feelings & the experiences.

Benefits for old people:

It brings young and old people closer.

Concept promotes being old for being respectable and useful.

Old ones may realize that still lots of unknown things wait for them.

How might your idea scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

- Encourage people to share JOINTLY in other social media platforms - for example, stories can be shared on Facebook. - Create an installation in a public area which leads people to encounter with JOINTLY within their everyday life. - Encourage teachers and parents to say ‘Hey kids! What about sharing a story on JOINTLY this week?’ - Let users to select some parts of conclusion maps and print those selected parts for them on a bag, t-shirt, poster etc. - users may order these products to give as a funny or meaningful present. - Advertise

How might your idea attract and involve partners from health care, business, government, nonprofit or other sectors?

Partners from health care -----> They can stand as a sponsor and the map page can be opened with the conclusions about health. Anyone ---> JOINTLY may turn into a profitable media corporation by opening blank areas for advertisements. Government ---> JOINTLY is an opportunity for government to build a community who knows each other and cares for each other. They may encourage its usage especially in education institutes.

How might you design an early experiment or prototype to further develop your idea?

I think it is necessary to define a target group and conduct a contextual research. After gaining an insight about target group’s habits, interests, relationships with old people, etc. scenarios can be written. These scenarios may lead us to define exact functions of the system and the information that is given through the system. Than different interaction patterns can be combined with various layout sketches. Their usability can be tested with a paper prototype. Regarding the user test, a layout can be chosen and it can be designed in a stylish manner.


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Love the Jointly name!

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I like the name as well as the idea!

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And I am a huge fan of the illustrations/images!

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I am heartened by reading these, many thanks :)

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