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Intergenerational Health Holiday (Updated 12 July)

It's hard to plan ahead, but having those close to you remind you of its importance could be a game changer.

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The Goal:

Instead of having parents nag you about your posture, what if we embraced intergeneraitonal family health discussions with a holiday?  What if there was one day a year where people discussed how their future health will be affected by current decisions or your elders share what they wish they had done in a ritualistic fashion to build empathy for you.

The Approach:

To start this day one could reach out to large health organizations to do promotion and agree to push it forward.  To provide some structure, as  Nick  suggests, one could create a series of potential conversations or a toolkit to support whoever initiates this exercise.

Once a large organization agreed to discuss it, additional press / attention could be generated by partnerships with companies like Hallmark who could make some extra money helping promote it with cards. Or with companies like Etsy that have holiday / seasonal promotions could also help.   Thanks for the great build Ashley !  

After some initial success could this discussion be incorporated into other holidays or family trips as Karoline suggests?  Finally, could there be a website to share these conversations to make it more viral as Gerren Nick suggest?

Some interesting examples / inspirations of similar  resources for other audiences / times from Tamar (check the comments section out for a beginning list of activities / questions to ask for this idea):

AARP has this video about end of life discussions -

An entire website called "The Conversation Project" -

Looking in the academic literature I found this article listing a range of discussion questions: 

How might your idea scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

If it was picked up as a holiday many people would be interested in participating.

How might your idea attract and involve partners from health care, business, government, nonprofit or other sectors?

See above

How might you design an early experiment or prototype to further develop your idea?

Build a toolkit / starter set to facilitate this conversation. Get four members of your family across a few generations to try and talk about it and see if it feels valuable. Does anyone have a good starting point for this toolkit?


Join the conversation:

Photo of Manisha Laroia

Nathan I really like your idea and I wish we can find a way to keep up the spirit of the day with each passing year because most of these days just loose the rhythm mid way. We should work out activities that leave a strong effect on people that lasts till the next Intergenerational Health Holiday arrives.

Photo of Nathan Maton

Manisha, Thanks! Yes, it is both about the day and the connection between the events. How would you build that connection?

Photo of Manisha Laroia

I would like to view these events as seasonal episodes of the same project thus each event involving its share of unique activities & discussions, and leaving an incomplete but surprising end that leaves people to think.
There could be parades, collective reading and sharing of people's stories, community events, plays/acts performed, special offers in certain partner food joints where every one could meet and acknowledge the day.

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