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Etsy Broker

Volunteers at a farmer's market set up a booth where they take pictures of crafts, do mini oral histories, post the results on Etsy and pass on the proceeds to elderly craftspeople.

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Creativity thrives with an audience. Sites like Etsy can provide this, but they often aren't designed for an elderly population. So, have people who take pictures of crafts, learn a little of the story behind them, and post listings on behalf of the people they've been talking to. Hopefully this can serve as a supplemental income stream and as an excuse for people to have cool conversations about their creative passions.


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Way to go on your OpenSTORM. Just to clarify... is the idea to take photos of crafts *by seniors* and capture their oral histories?

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Yes, apologies for not making that clearer.

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No worries... was just checking the idea was as awesome as I thought ; ) Tip: you can edit your post to make clarifications at anytime by hitting the Update Entry button up there on the right. Great to have you onboard OpenIDEO.