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UPDATED - BEAM Platform - Balanced, Empowered Age Management - See the New Pillar and Video

An integrated health and wellness platform designed to provide support for all ages and lifestyles on an individualized basis. Check out the overview video to get a quick synopsis and the BEAM module video to get more detail!

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Be sure to still check out the brief video that provides a summary of the idea before delving into the details contained below, and check out the new video to get an idea of how the BEAM Partners and Modules integrate into the platform. Also, please feel free to ask for clarification.


B.K.S Iyengar, considered one of the most influential yoga teachers in the world, states that, “Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit. When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the soul open.”

Built on six pillars, BEAM is supported by integrated technologies and addresses healthy living and ageing from the body, mind, and spirit perspective. It does so by using a collaborative network model to provide participants access to the tools they want when they want them.

Collaborative Network Partners include:

- Healthcare providers

- Dieticians

- Gyms

- Technology enablement manufacturers (Wearable technologies, applications, etc.)

- Food producers & suppliers

- Education centers through community centers,universities, etc.

- Wellness Centers

- Health Insurance Providers

- Corporate Sponsors

- City & Municipal Governments

The above collaborative partners are necessary to provide an integrated approach to healthy ageing through the individually developed modules.

For example, corporate sponsors, governments, and insurance providers all need to be on to assist in providing affordable access to BEAM.

The Platform:

Traditional platforms, such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) platforms like Oracle and SAP, are built around a core module where the data is collected, stored, and can be retrieved for analysis. Specifically, in these software platforms they are comprised of individually developed modules that function independently until linked together by the core module.

This core module provides the back end support to different service pillars. In the example of the ERP systems, an ERP platform will typically have Human Resources, Payroll, Finance, and other service pillars that it supports. These pillars employ individually developed modules that best fit the company need and links it to the core module to create the platform.

Using this modular platform design, BEAM provides an empowered age management platform where the participants effectively manage their health and ageing by selecting those individually developed modules within the five pillars that best fit their needs. The core module/participating doctor orchestrates the BEAM platform modules and monitors results and progress to ensure satisfactory management of the participant/patient’s health and ageing.

The six technology-supported pillars:

- Education

- Nutrition

- Exercise

- Mental Health

- Career

- Safety & Security

At the Core

The primary healthcare provider serves as the core of BEAM.BEAM will create a network of participating providers that support the program and will manage the integration of the support modules into the health and age management program.

The patient’s chosen provider serves as the core module of the platform. As such, they create an individualized plan with the patient,selecting different health modules from the five pillars. With the patient’s permission, the healthcare provider provides them a technology application,similar in basic design to the Health Tracker App found on Google Play. This application allows the patient to track their health and age management platform data while on-the-go. The application design creates the ability to provide scheduled progress reports directly back to the BEAM provider. These progress reports produce a more in-depth, responsive understanding of a patient’s health.

Working with the corporate sponsors, governments, and insurance providers, BEAM will create affordable access to a BEAM provider and the rest of the collaborative network through doctor referrals and partnership involvement.

The Pillars

Each of the six pillars provide support to the body, mind,or spirit in order to achieve the harmony and corresponding health that B.K.SIyengar describes. These BEAM Pillars comprise different individually developed modules that include various degrees of technology integration.

Education Pillar – This pillar is designed to help people learn about healthy ageing at all stages of life. Educating people on healthy ageing is the first step in providing long-term support over a lifespan.Classes would be put on at BEAM partner locations such as community centers,K-12 schools and universities.

Specific educational modules would include classes such as teaching seniors how to use computers or tablets so that they can use current technologies such as Skype to stay in regular contact with their loved ones.Studies show that staying in touch with loved ones provides significant positive benefits as we age. Additional educational modules could include Tai Chi or similar classes that help both the body and spirit.

Nutrition Pillar – Outside of understanding healthy living and ageing through education, nutrition is one of the most important aspects of living and ageing healthily. The modules in this pillar are designed to be useable by people of all walks of life.

For example, in certain areas of the country, affordable food that is nutrient rich is difficult to come by. The lack of nutrients is a result of the degraded soil in which most food is grown. By collaborating with an industry leader in sustainable, healthy food production, BEAM can create food collaboratives in areas that cannot grow nutrient rich food locally. This industry leader’s system grows food that contains more nutrients by taking the local soil out of the equation, as the local soil often degrades or becomes infested with toxins. Further, through their system, food production is sustainable and more affordable.

Further, for those with more access, where a food collaborative is unnecessary or improbable, one BEAM module would be dieticians that help people create healthy meal plans that are individually designed for their body types and budgets.

Meals and other nutritional information can then be stored in the BEAM application that transmits data to their health provider. This delivers the BEAM provider a better understanding of their patients’ health and obstacles that they may face in preventative care and treatment of certain ailments. It will also allow the BEAM provider insight into the nutritional aspect of patients’ health and work with them to make appropriate changes.

Within the nutrition pillar, other modules would become part of the final BEAM program. Each module would be provided as an option to the patient, which chooses the best options for their individualized plan with their BEAM provider.

Physical Health Pillar– A regular and active lifestyle promotes both healthy living and ageing. This pillar is designed to provide patients with fitness counselors that work in coordination with the BEAM provider to create exercise routines that are tailored to the individual based on age, gender, fitness level, and injuries.

Individual modules that consist of fitness counselors and other technology enabled devices and services will support this pillar.Specifically, there are numerous technology applications designed to support exercise and active lifestyles. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a pedometer application that can track walking and running.

The BEAM creators are presently speaking with a European Manufacturer to include a biometric sensing textile that can track and record an individual’s vitals during times of exercise, regular activity, and sleep.During full development, we will work with the manufacturer to allow the textile to integrate with our BEAM app that will transmit whatever data the patient and doctor agree back to the doctor.

Additionally, companies such as Life Fitness have exercise machines with QR Type codes that allow users to record a work out on the machine automatically into an app that tracks the workout. BEAM will seek a partnership with companies like LF to allow these partner apps to integrate with the BEAM app, or another method that allows users using this module to track their workout directly in the BEAM application without the need toimport.

To support these different modules, BEAM will work to continue establishing partnerships with companies and Gyms to provide equipment and technologies that integrate with the BEAM application.

Lastly, as previously mentioned, no BEAM participants are required to utilize any specific individual module in any pillar. The exact choices will be between the patient and their doctor.

Mental Health Pillar – A lot has been said recently about the state of mental health around the world. Simply put, a healthy mind is tantamount to healthy ageing. This pillar provides modules designed to address this from different angles.

One such angle is constant use of the brain. As the experts have said, the brain is a muscle and needs to be worked just as any other. For example, it was recently reported that for every year a person delays retirement they reduce their risk of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia by approximately 3.2%.

To assist this, BEAM seeks partnerships with companies such as Lumosity, who improve memory and attention through scientifically proven games, to provide BEAM participants with innovative ways to keep the brain sharp as they age.

One other avenue that BEAM seeks to assist with mental health is by providing access to screening for mental health related concerns that comes with care and follow up designed around help with the least amount of medication possible. To accomplish this goal, we will work with Universities to support research and teaching that focuses on improving mental health with the fewest amount of pharmaceutical intervention as possible for patients.

The Career Pillar - This is an area that is often overlooked as part of a person’s health. Careers provide a source of both contentment and resentment in many people’s lives and have even been proven to affect self-worth, stress, and the production of harmful levels of cortisol in the body. Career trouble is also one source of suicides.

Modules in this pillar are designed to help participants define career goals, seek out opportunities, and even improve skill sets. Many of these modules will be offered through BEAM collaborative partners such as community centers, K-12 schools and universities.

Further, BEAM will seek out collaborating employers to provide access to career improvement opportunities, mentorships, and even access to wellness activities that also support career happiness, which, in turn, supports long-term healthy ageing.

Lastly, this pillar will provide modules to assist people with life after work – retirement. BEAM will select modules that provide everything from financial advice to activity planners, and access to different communities of individuals that share similar interests. These modules will help participants continue to enjoy their life after their careers.

The Safety & Security Pillar - Inevitably, the time will come when we all need to modify our lives’, whether through retrofitting houses, using a walking aid, or needing regular care. This pillar contains modules providing BEAM members access to these critical services and others. This pillar creates peace o fmind, knowing that when they need it, access to these modules is there.

As with all BEAM pillars and modules, members can choose what works for them at specific junctures of their lives. Should any specific module not be a good fit, or is no longer adequate, the members can change out the module for another.

The Modules

Modules are individually developed and are capable of being used independently without BEAM. BEAM identifies the modules that integrate with the BEAM support technologies or provide a specific product or service to promote healthy ageing in one or more of the six pillars.

Each pillar summary contains example modules. These examples are not intended to be inclusive, as there are numerous technologies, educational classes, products, and services that fit well within the platform.

Participants select one or module from each pillar, and are not limited to their initial selections. In conjunction with their doctors, participants can add, remove, or swap out modules that are not suited to the individual. This is one of the principal benefits of BEAM. The platform allows each participant to plug and play with the individual module to find the best fit, which promotes long-term adoption and sustainability by the participants.

Further, these modules adjust with the participants as their needs change. (e.g. aging, suffering injuries, pregnancies, unexpected career transitions, etc.)

Example modules include:

- Educational Classes on a range of ageing topics

- Dieticians

- Access to healthier food via Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or similar programs

- Mental Health Screenings

- Brain Games

- Technology-supported exercise monitoring

- Physical Trainers

- Career Introduction and Screening

- Career Advice & Tools

Together the BEAM provider and individual modules address health and ageing from the position of creating harmony with the mind, body, and spirit starting at a young age.

How might your idea scale and spread to reach as many people as possible?

As a platform comprised of multiple individually developed modules that address a specific ageing pillar, BEAM can scale up or down and add or subtract modules that fit with the participant’s goals and their doctor’s advice. No one specific BEAM plan is correct for everybody. The more individually developed modules and BEAM collaborative partners we can develop, the more tailored the plan can be for each individual. This scalability and personal customization creates wider attraction for people because their BEAM plan only incorporates those modules the participant and their doctor feel are appropriate. This also supports continuing, sustainable participant use and following of the plan. Additionally, should circumstances change, the participant and their doctor can easily add, subtract, or exchange one module for another to find the best fit for the individual over time.

How might your idea attract and involve partners from health care, business, government, nonprofit or other sectors?

The BEAM platform is an integrated approach to healthy living, and each pillar requires collaboration from entities in all of the above sectors. From a basic standpoint, the preventive nature of many of the BEAM modules helps people live a full life and reduces both the costs and strains on the health care system. This benefit is especially timely given the recent changes brought on by the Affordable Healthcare Act and should attract governments as a way to help keep per person healthcare costs down, while actually improving the standard of care. For businesses, BEAM can reduce the cost of health insurance premiums and potentially even turnover, while also improving both the health and morale of their employees. Better health and increased morale can generate more economic output, ultimately further increasing the standard of living. For other sectors, BEAM creates avenues for innovative technologies that provide assistance for healthy ageing, while potentially gaining awareness and adoption for such technologies earlier than existing avenues may provide. This will spur more innovation in the space as creators design modules that can be integrated into the BEAM platform after they have passed the appropriate screenings.

How might you design an early experiment or prototype to further develop your idea?

A prototype would require a few participating providers and patients, along with the development or adaptation of an existing base software package to suit the purpose. Additionally, we need to secure final collaborative agreements with the individual module creators that we have already secured tentative support from, as well as secure agreements with other module creators to support all of the pillars. Once we have secured the collaborators and tested the software integration, we would be able to pilot the program with the different participants.


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Great idea! Don't miss the quick video overview.

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Agreed! The video was very helpful to understanding this well thought-out idea. Thanks for the tip :)

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Glad to know it helped. We decided to make the video the first media that shows when people open the concept. Hopefully this will get more views of the video so that people can get a quicker synopsis without the need to read the entire document first.

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I also found the video to be incredibly helpful. Something to consider, how will some of the Challenge Sponsors integrate into the platform?

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Awesome to have you back on another challenge, Richard – in full collaborative goodness with Michael! Loving the use of Pow Toon to visualise your idea. Others here might like to check it out as a future tool to help others grasp their innovative thinking:

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Thank you Meena. When I was asked to help out, we worked to apply lessons learned from the USAID Challenge in terms of simplifying information delivery. This is how PowToon was discovered. Looking forward to building on this idea and seeing it through to development.

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Great Video explanation!

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That should read come check out our new video and updates.

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Both videos give a solid understanding of the concept and its long-term value.

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Fab update!

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Awesome idea! Very technologically sound and practical!

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Really well thought-out idea - best of luck!

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