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Summer holidays in the countryside

Organising summer holidays for lonely elderly from countryside and teenagers from cities

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Migration of young people to cities is one of trends in developing countries. As a result, a lot of elderly attain the age alone in the countryside. On the other hand, there are a lot of teenagers that have to spend their summer holidays in cities because their parents do not have an opportunity to provide them with proper rest.

A solution is to create a medium helping low-income families find lonely elderly in the countryside willing to host a child during summer holidays.

This solution provides benefits for all parties. For the parents this is an affordable healthy rest for the children. For the children these are interesting summer holidays with a lot of fun. For the elderly this is an emotional connection with young people and help in housekeeping.


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I love this widespread theme of connecting the old and the young in a mutually-beneficial way. In your opinion, what mechanisms might we put in place so that both the elders and the youngsters enjoy their time with each other — i.e. that the youngsters don't feel bored in the countryside and also don't cause tons of hassle for their elderly hosts? :)

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Annie, thank you for the comment!

I still remember how much fun was to spend the summer with my grandparents. With the grandfather we built hovels, fished and repaired a motobike, the grandmother read fairy tails for us and taught us to milk a cow.

I think it should be based on commonality of interests and freedom of choice - I mean the elders and the youngsters should choose each other. It might a bit difficult for strangers to set up a close contact. These activities should be supported by psychologists and maybe should include some prepared entertainments. It's also doesn't mean that the children have to spent all time with the elderly, they can make friends among fellows in the countryside.