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Let's Meet Your Baby – Experience Prototype

We're exceptionally excited to share this inspiring Realisation story which tells of OpenIDEATORS in Colombia prototyping one of their Concepts from the challenge.

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Must-watch video of the prototype process in Argentina

We're exceptionally excited to share this inspiring Realisation story which tells of OpenIDEATORS in Colombia actually prototyping one of their Concepts from our Maternal Health + Mobile Technology Challenge. Estudio 6 is an undergraduate class at the Design School, Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia – led by Professor Hernando Barragán – who participated actively across the challenge as part of their semester program. Recently we were sent this impressive update from class member Luz Alba Gallo, who has continued collaborate in grand style on later OpenIDEO challenges.

The Estudio 6 team originally posted their Concept Let's Meet Your Baby which outlined an outreach program to low-income communities to conduct ultrasound procedures. The class even stayed a weekend with a local community in Bogotá to gain deeper insights to drive more relevant ideas. Once the OpenIDEO challenge was closed they still wanted to dig deeper on this Concept's feasibility and value – so went on to prototype it with real mothers, families and a medical support team.

Luz drew upon her volunteer experience with the Latin American organisation Un techo para mi País to leverage their connections with low-income communities and trusted presence in a neighbourhood in Cundinamarca, Buenos Aires. "We were inspired to take the Concept to the real world to gauge it's impact. Till then it was just thoughts, ideas and words – imagined from our own points of view." Here at OpenIDEO we were especially excited about this action-oriented, human-centered approach.

Empathy, support and user-experience were key concerns during prototyping

Estudio 6 rented an ultrasound scan and co-ordinated transport for their project team. They set up consulting areas in local classrooms, had medical students take medical histories, an obstetrician conduct the ultrasound and volunteers who were responsible for easing the experience of visiting mothers and family members. They also set up an area outside the improvised consulting rooms so that visitors could gather and socialise with each other and project volunteers. Luz explains, "A key concern was to create a casual ambiance, encouraging friendly conversation and clear, supportive communication about procedures and maternal issues." This had come from their earlier observation that mothers can find medical visits alienating and confusing.

The brilliant outcome of this applaudable prototype effort was that 10 women were able to meet their babies! Many of them did not have previous access to such services. The trial certainly highlights the connection and awareness which was created for families during their important maternal journeys. Hats off to Estudio 6 for their dedication to testing their Concept in the real world to further explore social impact which is so central to OpenIDEO. We also love that they've shared their experience, learnings and awesome video with our community – providing inspiration to others that Realisation is something we can all pursue.

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I agree with the point"This is a great idea but it definitely needs to be spearheaded by the government. If the government does not want to get involved, at least it needs to be able to provide the database of those that are pregnant." So the government should have a policy that allows this can be implement. I am looking forward to hear more informations about that.

Photo of Luz Gallo

Indeed Fei, this is a project that will contribute enormously to reduce the lack of maternal health access that communities have but this has to be done in cooperation with the government. I the implementation of this project is a project on its own and it will be interesting to be part of it :)

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