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Deploy a Midwife "Cloud" using Skype

There are many midwifes and doctors with the willingness to help mothers using Telemedicine. Let's make it easy to deploy this resource to save lives and forge global connections.

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"It's about a patient who can have face-to-face video chats with her doctor"
-Pres. Barack Hussein Obama II, State of Union Address, January 25, 2011

Let's use Skype to deploy a 24/7 volunteer army of midwifes and doctors. This is similar to the British "Granny Cloud" being deployed by Sugata Mitra to help Indian kids learn English. Frank Brady's non-profit 'Medical Missions for Children' is already doing this for more complex cases while Roy Schoenberg's 'American Well' company provides a commercialized solution. But it's a pity that there's no simple, free and dedicated Skype app to serve the medical needs of the world's poor.

A central exchange for midwifes and doctors to sign up for assignments would be nice. Members could subscribe to be alerted about pending calls or login when they wish to take available calls (they can do this from a smart-phone with Skype). All retired midwifes and doctors should be mobilized to participate.

Most telemedicine rigs are too expensive, complicated and fragile to work in field conditions and present a high entry barrier to those wanting to help. The key to success is KISS which means SKYPE + MOBILE PHONE. Login to Skype (using your midwife ID) and bam! you can immediately connect to pending cases. Community Heath Workers would be the principal clients of this 24/7 Skype hotline. Chat, email and SMS could function as secondary channels.


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This KISS approach to tele health is wonderful. It would be perfect to educate communities(or specific groups of midwives), as well as provide emergency assistance should it be needed. Very efficient and versatile :)

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