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Rainy season, NON-VULNERABLE SEASON, Dry season

Considering that Labour vulnerability (whereas victims are Burkina Faso Mothers) influences directly on the physical and emotional health and the fact that agricultural sector (where most of them work) has a Dry and Wet season, as well as non-productive seasons; we have decided to focus our concept taking in advantage this last season which has been named as “Non Vulnerable Season”, to develop activities with mothers and expectant ones. These activities will bring benefits to their health and also generate a better stability in the constant income, using the available resources in the zone and lowering the index of dismisses due to the pregnancy state of one women.

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WE HAVE MADE SEVERAL UPDATES!!! check the .pdf's uploaded!

Inspirations such as Yogurt Mamas, Yo-Mama, Free Maternity camps and Mum-to-be-camps, were useful to determine that this job must generate community work for mothers, since being with women in their same condition becomes a big support when they are conscious about this. Thus they will feel confident. Plus, these activities, do not request physical efforts which risk their babies and themselves lives.

How could this work in a low-literacy context?

Any Media device which shows information, reachable to anyone, will have the task of communicating mothers via graphic and auditive language where, how and when the activities will be held on (these activities will cease their vulnerability). Plus, the activity place will let them suscribe inmediatly to the activity.

Which partners could help realise and deliver this solution?

  • Oxfam
  • Nokia
  • Mobile operators
  • NGOs
  • Government

Concept Builds

We classified some of the main local restrictions we found on our research and also identified possible strategies we could use to approach and reduce each of those restrictions. Based on this we began refining our concept:

1. The CAMPAIGN for this project has been designed based in two different aspects:
    a) The local message.
    b) The international message.
The objective is to inform the community about the NON-VULNERABLE SEASON , generate expectative about this event year after year and involve the whole community on it , so finally this could become an important part of their life. Also to get the global community to be aware of this and get as many help as we can get so the project could be every time bigger and bigger.
The key messages, narratives, and media to be use is widely explain in the file baobab project.pdf
2.The dynamic for intervention in the community is though SOCIAL ACTION MODEL.
The purpose of this dynamic is to work with the community in non-invasive activities to its culture and not only looking for integration of all mothers, but is an activity for the whole community to participate in.
At first, it will be done by the SHARE-OUT PROGRAM, a program that generates participation groups and a feeling of identity since it’s not going to simply be given out, but rather a job that is done by the members of the community and other helpers.
The second phase consists of more specific activities that focus on several groups within the community, through job spaces and where mothers will not feel left out and not be seen in contempt by the masculine community.At the end, the objective of the third phase is that the community becomes sustainable on itself and free from the intervention of third-party groups but they keep doing this activities.

3.SYNCRONIZATION AND DISTRIBUTION OF TIME. The main idea of this starts with the observation of the actual daily activities of a woman (pregnant or not pregnant) in Burkina Faso.( ). Then these activities were classified with the worst and more dangerous positions pregnant women assumed, during the development of the activity. Each proposal of synchronization and distribution of work have the actual process and the desired process. Community kitchen, community daycare, and other works that can be done to contribute to the development of the other community works.


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Hello there Estudio. Thanks for the message. The internet is pretty poor over here not much time to comment. Lovely concept...I'll share some ideas on localised community income generation when I'm better connected.

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