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OpenIDEO targeted collaboration project

Let's create a specifically maternal health and targetted collaboration project. Let's work with a handful of communities and bring them on board the collaboration process. Let's create products that the community want.

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This project has demonstrated to me the value of online collaboration. People from aroud the world, with different skill sets, coming together to create ideas. Lots of the ideas on here are really cool but there is a question that has nagged away at me, are they what the communities themselves feel they need? Therefore, let's find out. Let's work with Oxfam, maybe Skype, Nokia and IDEO to connect our online collaborators with people in villages - pick say 5 villages (around the world), we then follow a similar process to the OpenIDEO but we get people in the villages to pitch ideas and objectives, then together, in partnership the communities go to work on them.

To advance tihs using the comments. We take the winning concepts to the communities and we get their input into them and then bring them back to refine the ideas to ensure that they are maximised and useful. It would require Nokia support and Oxfam in country teams to identify appropriate communities and act as a conduit. This will help to overcome technological barriers and keep the pilot project moving forward.

What is the minimum level of mobile technology needed for this concept?

There has to be a way for the communities to upload info to the site but this could be O as long as someone working on the project has internet access.

How could this work in a low-literacy context?

This will work in a low-literacy context as anyone with an idea or a thoght can contribute.

Which partners could help realise and deliver this solution?

  • Oxfam
  • Nokia
  • NGOs
  • Other - Feel free to elaborate in your description of the concept


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Hi Susan

I've been away so only just picked up your comment. Thanks for your thoughts! I like the idea of getting people from different organisations involved on the ground. I think different skill sets and knowledge could really valuable. If the criteria for this was based around asking "will it help to empower the community and can it help bring about different soultions" then I'd say the more the merrier!

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