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Knowledge distribution empowering women

A group of women from different small local communities were there is no health workers are gathered for 6 month. During this time they will receive a basic education to become trained midwifes. After the training they go back to their local communities together with simple diagnostic equipment.

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In a number of small communities a woman is chosen to become a trained midwife. She should preferable be a widow, divercy or maybe unmarried as the training will empower this group of women most. The community should chose the woman by themselves.
The woman gather as a hospital in their home country. Here they start a well-planned education program mainly focused on practical training. The education program has been designed by midwifes with a "real" midwife education and it should focus on the knowledge they feel is mandatory in their daily work.
During the six month the community women are also tought how to use simple diagnostic tools (which should be designed for this specific purpose) to test amniotic and do scans.
When they are done with their six month education program they go back to they local communities to take the role as midwifes. With them they bring the simple diagnostic tools they have learned to use. The communities rent these tools through a small monthly fee which they have accepted before hand (E.g. 5 dollars per month)

When the diagnostic tools are used the data is sent directly to a centralized hospital in which "real" midwifes and doctors are looking at the data and through telephone can advice the local midwifes on how to handle special situations.

The system will not only assist the local communities in getting better medical help during pregnancy and birth (and afterwards as well), but also assist in collecting medical information from a large amount of small communities. This can help the government in the country take more longterm decisions in regards to childbirth.

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