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Integrated System for Education, Telemedicine and Timely Care for Women

The idea is to integrate Education through Community Health Workers (CHW), Information and accurate refferal within the Health Network with the use of Mobile Technology.

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Because it is difficult to have doctors everywhere they are needed, the idea is to get well prepaired and well equiped Community Health Workers (CHW) who will go to the needed communities where they will Educate first -using essentially videos that will be projected to overcome the litteracy inconvenient; secondly, establish a link between the women and the doctors by means of Telemedicine, wich will allow women to recieve complementary information and determine the need for referal to a Health Care Center in the pre-established network of the area of work.

1. A well equiped CHW will transport himself in a bike (motor or electric) well equipped with a Mobile device and a video projector.

2. The CHW goes everywhere.

3. The CHW projects the educational video to women in the area and helps them understand basic concepts.

4-5. When questions or doubts arise the CHW will communicate via satellite with doctors available using Telemedicine

6. After complementing information to women, the consulting doctor will determine the need for refferal of certain women by contacting the nearest Health Care Center in the Network via Telemedicine as well.

What is the minimum level of mobile technology needed for this concept?

Hardware: - Mobile device (smart phone or tablet pc) - Projector Network: - A well connected Network of all Health Care Centers in the area of work organized according to complexity

How could this work in a low-literacy context?

The use of video to educate women is the first part of this system and will allow to overcome the language and low-literacy context. I believe audio-visual content is the best mean to approach women. When needed the CHW will complement the information and using satellite communication with doctors will allow to answer whatever doubt arises.

Which partners could help realise and deliver this solution?

  • Oxfam
  • Nokia
  • Mobile operators
  • NGOs
  • Government


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Hi Alejandro. Nice concept! Have you seen this? The Grand Canada Challenge have some really interesting projects on mobile technologies and maternal health. The one here developed by a friend uses a healthcard and bar coding system to connect community and CHW with the hospital. And your idea on mobility with bikes etc is spot on! good luck:)

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