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Group Texting Educational Support Groups

I propose using Group Texting to create communities amongst women who are peers to keep each other accountable, ask questions and find mentors throughout their pregnancies within their own commuities.

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Group Texting is the next frontier in mobile as demonstrated by the dozens of startups vying for top honors at SXSW Interactive this year.

At the same time, we know that any improvements towards maternal health must be embraced at a community wide level for any wide-spread adoption. I think that group-texting can help this.

First off, it requires the most basic SMS technology which is fairly widespread in the developing world. Secondly, it would connect pregnant women of a similar background and community with a few select elders, or mentors, of that same provenance. The latter provides a sustainable system utilizing community locals.

Furthermore, we could make these groups 'exclusive' -- wherein only pregnant women and those few chosen elders (or experienced) participate. Therefore, women would look forward to being a part of the 'group' -- it would increase desire to participate -- and it would remain a somewhat intimate setting and something to look forward to.

The elders could send out weekly tips, info on doctors visits, etc. Meantime the pregnant women could text questions or just gossip with each other about their changing bodies, challenges and families. By creating a community around pregnancy these women can 'crowd-source' so to speak, build on a larger knowledge base, and be mentored by someone with training.

What is the minimum level of mobile technology needed for this concept?

SMS technology

Which partners could help realise and deliver this solution?

  • Oxfam
  • Nokia
  • Mobile operators
  • NGOs


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