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Connect the Community - Leverage local mums when midwives/doctors are not available

Midwives may be scarce but local mums in the community can makeup for this by having a well knit support network. There are currently iPhone apps that track foodtrucks that move around the city every day such as the Curbside Cuisine App. What if we took this idea to help local mothers keep track of each other, their condition, and what new services are available in their area?

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This mobile solution connects a network of local mothers, midwives, and local public services. Whether a mobile app or an sms notification system, it lets local mother's keep track of each other and call out for help when they need it. Mothers who are alone and cannot get care may at least be able to leverage the knowledge and help of others.

Connecting Mothers to other Mothers & Elders in the Community -

1) Mothers can register where they live & when they expect to have their child. They can post updates through SMS on their health so that other mothers in the community can track their progress. Mothers who are not literate, are given a chart w/ pictures to show them what to SMS in particular situations.

2) Other mothers in the community can stay up to date and get SMS messages when another mother is about to give birth and need support or help. If no one has shown up after a period of time the other mothers are notified and can step up to help.

3) Mothers can post messages about mother support groups and meetings so they can gather together at a certain time and place. Mother's w/o smart phones get SMS text messages.

Connecting Mothers to Services

1) If there are traveling medical services & opportunities to learn, all the mothers are notified when the service is in their area.

What is the minimum level of mobile technology needed for this concept?

This can work through SMS, however, will have richer views if smart phones are available.

How could this work in a low-literacy context?

If the area / mother is not literate this idea can leverage pictures and icons for mothers that need to contact each other. For those with smart phones for example, there can be an icon for every condition / notification that is possible. There would be images that mean healthy, in labor, need a doctor, etc. For those that are not literate and have SMS phones, then a printed table can be provided that show images & the corresponding SMS message that should be typed.

Which partners could help realise and deliver this solution?

  • Nokia
  • Mobile operators


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