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Queensland open sustainability & food day

Imagine IDEO OPEN transferred into Queensland OPEN. When people are involved they have ownership and that is essential to create a change. Global change by acting local. Queensland Government should ask the citizens for help

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could we open this beautiful network and make it much bigger? Here we have more than 500 concepts - imagine what a change if we could get more people involved....
can we make people inspire each other and look for inspiration around? can we make people make own prototypes? can we make people meet? can we ask for help?
Inspiration - prototyping - evaluate - prototyping ..........

I am inspired by the creativity in this network and I surely going to change my own behavior because I  have been participating and inspired. I got ownership now!

I see a lot of small initiatives on food and sustainability supported by a major focus and investment from the Government and big companies. Would be beautiful if Queensland could be a role model. 
Need to have key resources like schools and big companies involved

I visualize people trying to answer and find solutions - and make prototyping of big issues like foodwaste, sustainability, poverty, environment, health eg.

There should be a day of celebration taking space at schools, in public spaces, television, at companies and more places.

Concept builds

The keystone in this concept is to engage people in creating a change. To engage people - like IDEO OPEN - we need a major focus, involvement - inspiration - research, cooperation, prototyping and implementation. Another keystone is that we need a connection between local initiatives and a major focus in Queensland. Major focus: Queensland government should invest a lot of resources in creating the focus to the natives - (and to the world - being the role model for sustainability) Partners in this proces could also be big companies. Ways to do this could be - setting a date for "Queensland open sustainability and food celebration day" - create a network like IDEO OPEN - just simplify it. - giving teachers and schools permission to get involved by making a theme-week in the week where the food celebration day takes part - value the focus by making material & "walking the mile" in the government and in more local municipalities - highlight & celebrate companies, schools, chefs, private people and more who are walking the mile all ready Inspiration & cooperation & research: We should make it easy, funny and valuable to inspire & share - Susan Butler suggested to get inspired by putting up big black boards where people circulate and passes at streets, schools, companies - facebooks, aps, twitter - can we make kids brag - also at social medias - and be proud of their effort creating movement at their school or in the class or in their families. - food festival and big community kitchens organized by sports and leisure clubs - I dream that the sports clubs could play an even more important part in making people meet. Prototyping: We should work on making prototyping a lot of places and highlight them. Could take place at - schools; children and student should plant and make small gardens - food festivals & farmers markets - in the green areas in the cities - "what can you grow" - use social forums like sports-clubs, companies and..... - use competitions to make it fun and to inspire people There is so much inspiration to find in this IDEO network. Implementation: - the involvement will make the prototypes improve and create a change. - need to support the entrepreneurs and first movers - Government and companies: focus on being the role-model/leaders of sustainability I see a lot of opportunities of engaging people in this issue. We need a lot of initiatives supporting the "BIG SUSTAINABILITY & FOOD DAY"

What actions would need to be taken to turn this idea into a reality?

- we need leaders in the government and in municipalities and in big companies to be the leaders and take the important decision to invest time and resources in creating a change. - we need to plan a "way to work" and a date of celebration. create a big IDEO OPEN platform. - we need different leaders and important persons to be role-models - and here I think the school are really important places - we need the schools to be role-models by being "do'ers" - not only "talkers". We can create a change in habits for the children and that will create an impact on the families. Need a major support for school- leaders and teachers. - highlight big and small initiatives and leadership - we must make competitions and highlight for example companies for being most "local farmer or cucumber/most green". school classes should have the opportunity - if they implement initiatives to win schooltrips to a farm where they can take part in the work or win equipment to make their schools even greener eg

Who might make a good partner for this project?

Queensland government City councils BIg companies Grassroots Schools and universities IDEO

What suggestions would you have for potential sources of funding for the development of this project?

Queensland government Big Companies that will invest resources in this issue - with the output of a much better brand - role-models of responsibility and sustainability

Virtual team

Susan Butler Nathalie Collins OpenIDEO Chris Tobias

Evaluation results

7 evaluations so far

1. How effectively do you think that this concept reconnects food consumers and producers?

It would reconnect food consumers and producers strongly - 14.3%

It would somewhat reconnect food consumers and producers  - 57.1%

It would not significantly reconnect food consumers and producers  - 28.6%

2. How scalable is this idea across communities and geographies?

This concept can be scaled across many communities  - 42.9%

This concept will take a fair bit of work to build and scale - 42.9%

This concept is not particularly scalable  - 14.3%

3. How quickly could this concept be impactful? 

This concept could happen today - 28.6%

This concept could happen soon with some work - 42.9%

I struggle to see this happening in a reasonable timeframe - 28.6%

4. How original is this concept?

This concept is extremely original - 0%

This concept has some original aspects - 57.1%

This concept already exists - 42.9%

5. Overall, how do you feel about this concept?

This concept rocked my world – it’s brilliant - 14.3%

I liked this concept but preferred others - 14.3%

This concept didn’t get me overly excited - 71.4%

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Nice idea Peter! An ambitious one as well!

Open Innovation (OI) never fails to fascinate me but i also understand the implications and challenges of its adoption.

If successful, the ramifications of OI can be truly spell bounding. But, having said that, it is absolutely important to acknowledge the fact that bringing about successful OI is quite complex.

Even large firms find it quite complex to manage OI successful. Considering the fact that we are talking about a whole state in a country. I am honestly sceptical.

But, having said that, the collective power of thousands of thinking brains can leave even the best R&D firm spell bound!

I'd love to see a state level OI project! It would be crowd-sourcing at its best!

Good luck with the challenge!


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Hi Peter, Sounds like a wild idea - love it! To refine this idea, I would have a core committee representing the different stakeholders meet to decide on a central subtheme for the day. Yes, it's about "Big Sustainability & Food Day" but a more specific theme would help focus the angle on the day. Perhaps something like "The Value of Farmers," "My Local Grocer," "Veggies and Spice, and Everything Nice," etc. While there are many aspects to Sustainability & Food, a focus could help generate marketing materials, activities and specific ideas for organizers to contribute to making their day a success. Upload brainstormed ideas and step-by-step processes on how to make their day a success with a hotline number if they need direct help. Coordinate local dignitaries to make visits to the day and also declare that day "Big Sustainability & Food Day" to add credibility and give the event an "event fee." This can increase the number of attendees and exposure, increasing the numbers for the following year - good luck!

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find this inspiring also

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There was rocking support for your concept at the Ideas Festival in Queensland! Areas discussed in our workshops that you might like to explore further – tools and strategies to support organisers, online and offline engagement beyond the events themselves and ways to encourage real action on the back of open sustainability and food days. Bring on the builds!

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yeah that is some key elements to work on. we need to come up with more tools and strategies that will support first movers and organisers. It should have a value to make a differens or it should be funny to make a movement. Think we should find inspiration in

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I agree... Queensland natives need to be involved if any of these big ideas are to come to fruition, and especially the govt leaders who will be responsible for helping orchestrate and legislate outcomes. I posted previously that more locals needed to be involved otherwise this is all just one big empty exercise. No matter what great ideas we churn out, it can still meet with the a "That won't work here cos it wasn't invented here." mentality that is far too common a reaction wherever you go in the world. Glad I'm not the only one thinking along these lines :) Good one Peter.

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hi chris; thanks for your thoughts. I think we should make people involved very different places from kindergartens to companies. And we need to make a connection between a intensive focus from the government and the important people getting the dirt on their hands. I visualize a day or a week with major focus on food issues - there will be local initiatives at private houses, universities, school eg. all over supported by the focus from the government and television. bring your ideas and views thx

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Hi Peter,

Congratulations on your concept reaching the refinement stage! I believe that the thinking behind it is really spot on about having local communities really own the projects from ideas through to prototypes and implementation.

I found myself wondering how this could work? I was inspired by a thread in the user forums - and think having multiple local Queensland happenings like this could be a really great way to open up conversations and start to get people who are interested involved. Maybe they could be linked to restaurants/markets/schools too so that people could start to collaborate together in these spaces.

If there was an addition of some way for interested people to meet to connect through the public engagement pieces and collaborate then this could be almost organic in how it grows. That would mean that really your concept is about laying out a potential framework into which local groups can fit so they can get to prototype stage.

A second part to it could be getting producers/transporters/local government involved along the way so that they enable prototype tests and potentially take on the successful elements!

Good luck refining, looking forward to seeing where you take the concept!

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thanks susan. I love the black board sharing of knowledge. the hard part is getting this inspiration phase into prototyping but we need to come up with more ideas for that challenge. it is beautiful when each individual can comment and share ideas. i love that. looking forward to work more with the concept and looking forward for your inspiration.

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Love the idea of getting the community involved - it's an important way to build energy and get buy-in from the people these solutions are ultimately going to impact.

What if the Queensland government ran a contest among schools where several of them were offered grants to do prototyping out in the world? Parents could become involved as well, helping children to create urban gardens, local food trucks, and more. The Nueva School ( is an excellent example of how design thinking can be used in the classroom - using this process to fuel change from young to old would offer amazing inspiration to the community. They could get their hands dirty together!

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cool; yeahh, we need to get the hands in the dirt... bringing the kids into making prototypes involves the parents, which will make an important impact. and making contest for the kids makes more kids excited. thx for the link for nueva; very interesting school that we in denmark should get inspired by....

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Way to go on making the Shortlist on the Local Food Challenge! Selecting 20 concepts out of over 600 was a tough job and we're excited to have you move through to the Refinement Phase. You can get a low-down on how the phase works over on Field Notes:

Basically over the next 10 days we'd like you to further fine-tune your idea. You might explore opportunities and challenges to implementation, visualise further, expand on engagement strategies or connect various dots and details that would assist bringing your concept into fruition.

If you hit the Update This button on the right of your post, you'll see we've added 5 new fields to help you refine: Concept Builds, Actions, Project Partners, Funding Sources and Virtual Team. Check them out and feel free to keep updating your post throughout the phase – based on feedback and collaboration with fellow OpenIDEATORS and your own ideating goodness!