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The Farmer and The Chef

Instead of having food festivals and farmers markets separate from one another, how about pair farmers and food vendors side-by-side at a combined farmers and food market, where chefs cook up tasty meals built from the farmer's bounty.

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This concept could go one of two ways, or both.

1. Have food vendors pair up with farmers at the more frequent farmer's markets
and, or 2. Include farmers at food festivals

These two different events often draw different types of people, consequently the different venues would reach a broader audience. The message is the same at both however - the celebration of food goes side-by-side with the celebration of its production


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I agree with you about how could this concept go: "1. Have food vendors pair up with farmers at the more frequent farmer's markets.
And, or 2. Include farmers at food festivals."
For me, I think to attack more and more people to go there and celebrate the food and production is to bring more chefs go there and make more delicious foods to attack food lovers. They could bring some TV shows to produce there to let this place get on TV to allow more people to know and to see here, which will bring more audiences. Also they could host some food events, or some companies' annual meetings or celebrations to sell their products and build some reputation in the market to earn some money.
I am looking forward to see this idea goes, and other ideas to support it,

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I like your idea.

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