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Our basic understanding of the steps from farm to shelf are disconnected with reality

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I spent almost 10 years working in the food industry. Over that time my appreciation for fresh produce has grown as a direct result of my exposure to the processing requirement needed to satisfy the consumer. That being said what became very clear to me is the amount of misinformation around the production of food. Marketing campaigns by many brands mislead consumers as to how our products are produced. Within industry itself there is a constant race to reduce costs and increase margins to ensure shareholder expectations are met.

While not entirely mutually exclusive is it difficult to keep reducing prices through massive economies of scale and maintain quality. Quality in itself is a very subjective thing. I would ask is simply saying quality meets USDA or FDA guidelines sufficient in this day and age when we fundamentally know diets where foods are minimally processed deliver the best life expectancy.

I prose that higher levels of clarity be brought about through legal intervention where trade secrets are not necessarily exposed but consumers are "educated " about what it takes to make each product then let them decide. 

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